"Reincarnation" of Yunost stadium

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This sports construction appeared in our city almost right after the Great Patriotic War when the city power attended again to improvement of conditions for development of children's and youthful sports that was reflected in the name of new stadium.

Then, in 1948 - m, it was called "Pioneer". The copy of the archival document which is stored by the director of Yunost stadium Vladimir Salutin, testifies to gravity of intentions of executive committee of city council of deputies of workers of that time who were expressed in readiness "to offer" for arrangement of children's stadium by the territory of children's home No. 28 and a day nursery No. 3. So on Pogranichnaya Street, 23 (present Chigrin Street, 15) there was this bowl which on September 19 this year will celebrate the 60 - the anniversary. For these years the stadium several times changed the name and owners. From a city board of education to DFSO "Spartak" in 1966 and regional management of motor transport in 1992 - m

"Pioneer" was renamed into "Spartak" later, then in "Motorist", and was called "Youth" 16 years ago. And again I returned to city municipal property. V. Vaskovsky, I. Sverdlik, R. Safoyan, V. Matyushin, Yu. Solomakh, Zhdanov, I. Karpenko were his directors in different years. From there "were" known football players in the city and their mentors: A. Norov, I. Lichko, A. Chunikhin, P. Hudoyash, V. Tsurkan, A. Bachkalov, S. Bayda, V. Rets, S. Zhayvoronok, E. Derevyaga, R. Safoyan, K. Alekseev. Some and until now train on the football field "Youth" of children from sports school on soccer: The central city stadium yet didn't pass a reconstruction phase.

At all so long ago "Youth" endured decline: years without capital repairs "imprinted" on bare walls of an office building, in locker rooms and shower there came that ruin against which the classic of the Russian literature warned. Violent thickets drew attention of bums and vagrant dogs, tribunes were near death...

Vladimir Nikolaevich Salutin, direktorstvuyushchy on "Youth" since 1992 with insignificant breaks, shows the economy which has changed for three years. Changes impress especially as all works on the contents and repair of stadium are carried out only by personnel forces:funds for involvement of contractors as didn't suffice, doesn't suffice. But the huge amount of works is in recent years already executed: power supply, the sewerage improved, tribunes on 1500 places are repaired, the territory is arranged well Are repaired shower, bathrooms, the trainer's room, are installed gas and warmed summer locker rooms, adminzdaniye facades "are improved", the paving slabs are laid... The sign shines novelty, entrance gate took a presentable form...

Special pride of the director and his subordinates is recently equipped platform for mini - soccer with an artificial covering. And also - executed at the expense of means of the Ministry of affairs of a family, youth and sports a training platform. Under 12 exercise machines the paving slabs are laid. There were also foreign volunteers: two American young men, Arth and Herts, not for the first time visit stadium. Vladimir Nikolaevich told that these guys, passing as - that by, entered gate and offered the help. Gratuitously! And since then for 2-3 hours work here. The companions too interested. Americans - representatives of the religious missionary organization "Jesus Christ's Church of Sacred Last Days". Art - from New - York, Herts - from Solt - Leyk - City. They helped to put an artificial grassy covering on a new platform for mini - soccer. Vladimir Nikolaevich willingly provides them now the right "to update" an artificial lawn and to join "soccer".

Americans with pleasure drive there a ball by the European rules, having forgotten for a while about soccer of a domestic sample.

The main field, at first sight, too demands updating. But the director told about opinion of the Kiev expert who estimated a fine condition of its drainage system. And as for the grassy covering which nowadays is almost absent in order that to put it, it is necessary to close stadium for some time. And it - in any way is impossible. Its load - nearly 500 people daily. Uchebno - training occupations here are carried out for children from SSh-37, VPU-21, NVUFK, музучилища, the European university. So the question of grass existence in the field while sharply isn't necessary.
But every day there is more and more actual a question of festive anniversary celebrations.

As told on "Youth", before celebration carrying out two football tournaments - here is planned for the Cup of stadium and for the Cup of the mayor. The first - among children, and the second - among amateur adult teams of collectives of physical culture.There hope that these competitions become over time traditional.

Among guests of honor on September 19 we will see veterans of sports - football players and athletes, deputies of the City Council who brought the deputy contribution to restoration and stadium updating. If temporary "slips" don't prevent, we will see also demonstration performances of participants of the Olympic Games in Beijing, and Olympic champions in fencing, performance of the well-known acrobatic four under the leadership of V. Berdnik.

There will be songs and dances performed by amateur national collectives. It will be cheerful!


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