BYuT: "The bit and Ekhanurov won't be"

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The leader of BYuT fraction in parliament Ivan Kirilenko declared that performance in parliament of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko and the Minister of Defence Yury Ekhanurov won't be today.

"I heard that today Ekhanurov and Ogryzko work with Dick Cheney. Today, probably, they won't be", Kirilenko declared.

"From good reasons, most likely, and will be, however this information isn't confirmed yet", the leader of BYuT fraction declared.

Besides, Kirilenko declared that BYuT fraction holds negotiations on preservation of the democratic coalition but while it is ineffectual.

"Yesterday I came on this question and to Kirilenko (the leader of fraction WELL - NANOSECOND - edition), and to Arseny Yatsenyuka, but it is meanwhile ineffectual", Ivan Kirilenko declared.

He also confirmed that BYuT categorically against Ogryzko's resignation from a post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

We will remind, today The Verkhovna Rada planned to hear the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Yury Ekhanurov and Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko concerning conditions of temporary stay of the foreign ships in the territory of Ukraine.


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