Tretyakov thinks that at Tymoshenko handed over nerves and she began mania of prosecution

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So Tretyakov commented on the statement the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko in interview to the The Financial Times magazine that earlier the prime minister - the minister was adjusted to support the single candidate from democratic forces on elections of 2010, but after events of last week seriously reflects on balloting to a position of the President.

"Yulia Timoshenko any more единоджы let know that she has the only purpose - to receive the power over all country, it is unimportant in what quality - the prime minister - the minister or the President. And, beginning since the Maidan, works only according to this strategy", - Tretyakov emphasized.

Thus Tretyakov noted that "analyzing actions the prime minister - the minister, it is difficult to be kept from a conclusion that by Tymoshenko - not that person who will defend national interests of Ukraine".

Tretyakov urged BYuT to return immediately to the status - кво as of August 24, 2008. "An Independence Day - that starting point which defines the future of a political season, and for strengthening of a demkoalition it is necessary to fix the status - кво as of this date", - he noted.

According to Tretyakov, one of the most fundamental questions is joint support by the democratic coalition of actions of the freedom-loving Georgian people in its eurointegration aspirations and fight against the Kremlin totalitarianism.

Answering a question of journalists concerning Tymoshenko's statements for continuous shadowing, Tretyakov noted the following: "Yulia Timoshenko's actions on strange combination of circumstances very much remind Victor Balogi's recent statements. Probably, it is connected with what when at politicians nerves hand over, they begin mania of prosecution? For the prime minister in general is more useless to speak about any prosecutions, after all it in the government has all mechanisms as not to allow it, and the Minister of Internal Affairs" appears one of the closest colleagues of the last days.


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