Victor Yushchenko can't make anything without help.

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More than 30 advisers work for the president Victor Yushchenko and the head of his Secretariat Victor Balogi. Recommendations to the guarantor Konstitution are made now by 19 people.

Four of them work at a non-staff basis, reported in the main service of organizational support of the Secretariat.

Already today Yushchenko outstripped all the predecessors - presidents by quantity of sovetodatel. From 2005 to 2008 the popular position was tried on on themselves by about 80 people. Some even on two times. About fifty advisers of Victor Yushchenko during this time received an established post and full providing the civil servant. The lion's share of such appointments took place in 2005 when at once 45 "heroes" of the Maidan appeared among valuable consultants of the president. Among them: Leonid Chernovetsky, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Alexander Tretyakov and Boris Nemtsov. It is obvious that the head of state didn't need such quantity of sources of information, and mass "osovetchivaniye" is explained by desire to thank friends on barricades, writes "Business".

More modest I was ex-the president Leonid Kuchma who in ten years of presidency used services a little more than 60 advisers. Leonid Kravchuk didn't collect round himself and 20 consultants.

Most long the certificate of the adviser to the president Yushchenko is carried by the former minister of environment Pavel Ignatenko since September, 2006.

The professional image maker of the president Yaroslav Lesyuk reserves a position of the regular adviser too since 2006. We will remind, in 2004 he was the coauthor of symbolics of "orange" revolution, and in 2002 created a number of slogans for the Our Ukraine block: "Not word, and business", to "Bandits of prison" and others.

Also among advisers - long-livers the boxer Vitaly Klitschko and the opera singer Vladimir Grishko. The last personify special vision by the incumbent president of this position. The place of the adviser to the president Yushchenko is frequent people - brands which not so much advised received, how many with the name worked for image of the president.

The rank of the adviser to the president belongs to the second category of positions in hierarchy of civil servants, the deputy head of the Secretariat Andrey Kislinsky reported.At this step the third, fourth and fifth ranks (the highest the first, the lowest the fifteenth) can be appropriated to officials.

The high status allows to receive a good salary. Its sum at the adviser to the president is formed at the expense of an official salary, awards, surcharge for a rank, a long-service bonus and other extra charges. At the disposal of Cabinet of Ministers "About ordering of structure and terms of payment of work of workers of the office of executive authorities, prosecutor's offices, vessels and other bodies" it is specified that the salary of the adviser to the president makes to 2333 hryvnia a month. As one of representatives of the Secretariat of the president counted, taking into account all additional charges the salary of regular advisers to the president can reach 1500 dollars a month.

Thus, the general wages fund of regular advisers to the president (only 19 people) in a year can make 300 thousand dollars. Besides, as well as all civil servants, advisers can be provided with housing, use the state health service, receive financial support on improvement and for the decision socially - household questions. As well as provision of pensions is guaranteed to any other representatives of the state machinery, all regular advisers.

As notes the Secretariat, official cars are assigned to eight consultants of the President.

It should be noted that non-staff advisers don't receive money for the work. At the same time (on an equal basis with shtatnik) each of them is provided with a workplace in the Secretariat. The table, chair, the computer, telecommunication and the Internet for one employee will cost at least one and a half thousand dollars. That is for creation of working conditions of advisers to the president it is required to 50 thousand dollars.

About 80 people visited a position of the adviser to the president during the period from 2005 to 2008.


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