Inhabitants of Nikolaev will give birth under the accurate guide of the mayor

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"We want to give birth at Latiya! " - with such slogan of the inhabitant of Nikolaev picketed the City Council building where there took place the XXVII session of the City Council.

The question of transfer of maternity hospital No. 3 in regional municipal property and removal from a post of the chief physician of establishment doesn't cease to disturb future mothers. Two of them even acted in a meeting hall, having at itself signatures of three hundred more concerned patients of maternity hospital.

The main request of women was reduced to that the chief physician of maternity hospital No. 3 Vitaly Latiya left at a former position. We will remind that it discharged of this position allegedly from - for not economy and insanitary conditions in hospital. But during picket on the street of the participant of an action unanimously declared that no insanitary conditions in maternity hospital are present and wasn't.

According to the pregnant woman acting on behalf of piketchitsa, in Ministry of Health they were told that couldn't dismiss the chief physician from a post for this reason as the chief physician can provide only professional medical care. The supply manager as it enters his direct duties has to be responsible for economy in establishment.

The mayor Vladimir Chaika, on - visible, worrying that the acting woman hadn't to give birth in the City Council building, I hastened to console the concerned citizen and I told that will make everything that they gave birth at whom want.

"I understood everything. I don't remember how call this man wearing spectacles, the deputy, - the disappointed woman declared, meaning Pyotr Zibrov, - here only it accepted us, pregnant women, listened and tried to help. And you, Vladimir Dmitriyevich, only also can what to shout. Your children can give birth and in Kiev, and abroad, at us such opportunity, unfortunately, isn't present".

Afflicted, it already left a hall as to it after the mayor shouted that nobody worried - all will give rise.

In it, of course, doubts aren't present, but here as well as where will give birth residents, it already a future question. As for Vitaly Latiya's return to a former place of work in maternity hospital No. 3, the situation, on - former, remains not clear.


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