New organized criminal group: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of the USA

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The American emigrants try to attract to the answer of "racketeers" from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. "Us decided to rob, having used vulnerable situation", - the only natives of the USSR, turned out to Ukraine which citizens never were declare.

"We know that it is a forgery, but you fly! " - Deportation - lawful process which assumes observance of rules and deportation laws, - speaks 45 - summer Igor Skrizhevsky, the citizen of the former USSR whom together with the wife deported to Ukraine, - We consider that against us the crime in the mercenary purposes - for the purpose of extortion of money and property is committed. When I will get home (the house calls America - the Bus) I will approve it - to prove that our exclusion wasn't deportation. Us kidnapped! Igor Gennadiyevich and Galina Viktorovna Skrizhevskiye left the USSR on tourist visas to final disorder of the country of councils. Galina - in 1990 - m, Igor - in 1991 - m, is more exact - on May 26, that is in three months prior to "nezalezhnost" declaration. They asked a political asylum in the USA, but then withdrew this petition what to do, probably, didn't follow as soon concerning Skrizhevsky deportation procedure was begun. The country which they left, didn't exist any more therefore process stopped. But only till 1999. - The judge who itself advised to achieve a deportation stop instead of a shelter, began the decision the phrase: "Respondents are the husband and the wife, natives of the USSR and citizens of Ukraine, - Skrizhevsky tells, - this mistake it created to us problems. Since 1991 we have numbers of social insurance and the work permit. Immigration services knew our permanent address in own house in Brooklyn (New - a Yorkshire terrier). The only difference from Americans - we had no right to vote, but we had a status of permanent residents in the law (permanent residence under color of law) and we paid taxes. On independent appeals to the Ukrainian consulate the former inhabitants of Donetsk of Skrizhevskiye received the answer that the persons which have left the USSR, don't "inherit" nationality of Ukraine.- Us had no right to return to the country which we didn't leave, - Skrizhevsky continues, - But the way to make it on - gangster was found. On November 30, 2006 at three o'clock in the morning knock at a door. Six police officers and a question became hollow at once: passports? They were terribly disappointed with red Soviet passports. Looked for - that Ukrainian - in immigration service the denunciation arrived that we in secret obtained the Ukrainian nationality. After night visit of police Skrizhevsky three months carried out in prison. - In the camera us was two, - at my request Galina shares prison impressions, - a wash basin, a toilet, the table fastened to a floor... It is allowed to sleep and read without restrictions, and here it is impossible to work without specialpermission. With me the little girl from Georgia, too for violation of the immigration legislation sat. Its car was stopped by police, punched on the computer, and it wasn't once in immigration court that in the USA is a serious crime. At the beginning of 2007 the consulate of Ukraine reported American immigration to service that Skrizhevskiye aren't the Ukrainian citizens. But the highest judicial authority of the USA already refused to spouses the claim about a deportation stop so the situation reached a deadlock. When also Russia refused "to recognize the" in Skrizhevsky, they should be let out, but since then they should be noted monthly. And in May 2007-го information on Skrizhevsky' Ukrainian nationality suddenly "was confirmed" mysteriously. - On May 21, 2007 we came to be noted, - Skrizhevsky speaks, - we were kept by 6 hours, then brought to an office and put to a wall. Searched, put on handcuffs and all protests answered: you have a passport document, it everything that you have to know at present. Then dragged the wife, put on her handcuffs … "The passport document" there was a certificate on return to Ukraine - without our signatures, without our identification numbers, but with our photos. I told at once that it is a forgery! And they answered: "Yes, we know, but all of you equally fly to Ukraine". Certificates on return to Ukraine give out to citizens at their request - for example if you went abroad to have a rest, and there incidentally lost travel documents. Galya on this certificate is photographed in a prison form. - We demanded a meeting with the consul of the country in which us turn out - to us refused, demanded a meeting with the lawyer - the same result, - Skrizhevsky speaks, - At 24 o'clock locked in prison of the neighboring staff and from there - directly in the airport.Without control, back ways, with an escort. In handcuffs, without personal belongings, without toothbrushes, without glasses which I wore constantly. During arrest at me shook out from pockets all - 150 dollars, keys from the house. It was the most ordinary robbery - withdrawal without protocol! In that life, except the house in New - a Yorkshire terrier, they still had house in Pennsylvania and the house in Cleveland, two cars and family business (tailoring of wedding and evening dresses). "Give the power of attorney on property, or will die in Ukraine" - When we saw these counterfeit documents, understood that stole our life from us! - Galina Viktorovna speaks, - I thought only of reaching any building above and to rush from there down. Skrizhevsky elicited at accompanying 20 dollars - soldiers of executive service took pity as saw: there is something not because usually people turn out with things. - In Kiev when we landed, the captain of the Netherlands ship (flied through Amsterdam) issued us certificates on return to Ukraine and the old Soviet passport, - Igor tells, - the Frontier guard asked two questions - where we lived in America and with whom worked in the Union (I is a doctor the urologist, and the wife the doctor the stomatologist). After that us pushed out in the general hall. As you want reach to Donetsk and live as the bum in Ukraine. 20 dollars helped out Skrizhevsky - they could phone to relatives. Some days carried out in Kiev, and then reached to Donetsk where sisters lodged at Galina. To go to bank and to transfer money from personal scores in America documents which aren't present are necessary to them. - At once I tried to contact the lawyer in America, - Skrizhevsky speaks, - and received the offer: "Give me the power of attorney on sale of your house and I will try to make to you the investment visa to Canada - thousands for 50-60 dollars. I rejected it, and he told that more nothing can make. It in spite of the fact that we signed the contract, still being in America, and gave it 12 thousand dollars (it not a deposit, and all cost of its services in a stop of deportation which it didn't render). One more American offered: "Give access to your accounts and the safe that I represented your interests in court". I understood that using mine vulnerable situation, lawyers wish me to rob … And two people made an appointment to us in Kiev already next day from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and told:"We participated in your return to Ukraine, give the power of attorney on your property in America, differently never from here you will get out, don't receive never any documents and you will die in Ukraine". In exchange for extorted property Skrizhevsky promised a meeting in Donetsk with the high-ranking official (Igor Gennadiyevich yet doesn't want to tell his name) and every possible assistance on all questions. - I so understood that it is necessary to give them everything that we earned, - Skrizhevsky speaks, - and then it is possible to leave again and to start from scratch. The pier, time could earn one million once, you will be able still. We who have been dumfounded, honestly promised to think over this question that simply released because conversation very much reminded threat … They found us at the Kiev relatives - it is visible, waited. And one of interlocutors (by the way, the general - the militia lieutenant) to something told: "You aren't present in lists arrived of Amsterdam …" Both you want, and regard. Skrizhevskiye are happy that could reach to Donetsk from Kiev because consider: could and put in a podvalchik that "it was easier thought" over different offers … "Yes we spat on solutions of the Ukrainian vessels! " The interesting nuance concerning Donetsk property. While Igor Gennadiyevich stayed over the ocean, somebody from his name addressed with the statement for privatization of its apartment on Postyshev Street 25/5. I received the certificate on the property right, I issued the power of attorney to the third party who and … carried out sale of housing in which lived Skrizhevskiye earlier (it is already judicial - pocherkovedchesky examination confirmed that Igor didn't sign the application for privatization and the power of attorney for sale). But in the objections for court (now Ukrainian) representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that Skrizhevskiye certificates of persons for return to Ukraine according to the autographic statement - the questionnaire where specified that are registered to the mentioned address received. Considering, say, this information, Consulate General of Ukraine in New - York sent inquiry to GUMVD of Ukraine in Donetsk region, and the Donetsk militia (it is concrete - Management for nationality, migrations and registration of natural persons of GUMVD of Ukraine in Donetsk region) confirmed: By Skrizhevskiye are registered here! In spite of the fact that the decision of Voroshilovsky regional court in 2001 Skrizhevskiye lost the right of accommodation in the apartment on Postyshev 25/5 (stolen by someone), and in 2004 - m, again - a judgment, lost also a "postyshevsky" registration.Igor and Galina appealed to Donetsk district administrative court with the claim to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region about recognition of their actions by the illegal. And the court in Donetsk confirmed - Consulate general in New - York allowed violations at registration of certificates on return: Skrizhevskiye didn't lose the Ukrainian documents as never them possessed. Besides, as it is seen from the applications submitted on behalf of Igor and Galina to New - York, certificates on return were received not by them, and somebody by the name of Olefirov A.V. Thus, actions of Consulate General of Ukraine in New - York are recognized as the unambiguously illegal. Court conclusion: urgent deportation of claimants (Galina and Igor) and their stay in Ukraine - a consequence of granting to the American authorities of unreliable information about their nationality. And the only way to restore completely violated rights of this family - the return deportation. On February 11, 2008 the Donetsk district administrative court under the chairmanship of the judge Shalyeva obliged respondents (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs), exceeded powers to issue to Galina and Igor temporary certificates of stateless persons for crossing of border and to turn out them back in the USA - the country of continuous accommodation. This decision entered validity still on May 15, but to leave Skrizhevsky, even with new certificates (valid till May 27, 2011), alas, don't give. - On the same day, when to us issued this document, - Skrizhevsky declares, - the Ministry of Internal Affairs imposed a ban on our departure from Ukraine without visa. Without being guided by any law, it is pure on gangster - not to let out, and all. When we tried to leave on June 13 in the USA, on us in Borispol four persons flew and all shouted: "Leave, we won't let in without visa! " We bought plane tickets, we have a document for exclusion - a judgment, there are temporary exit documents - no, the bases not to let out! But the chief of visa control kompany told "Aerosvit": "What court at you the decision - Ukrainian? That we wanted to spit on solutions of the Ukrainian vessels, we don't submit to them! " The Ukrainian official …

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