Made in Ukraine: Europe shocked by "false" Ukraine

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Europe declared "crusade" against the industry of counterfeit goods with a turn under one trillion dollars. Ukraine can appear on the advanced line of fight - as a production site and the transit country of counterfeit goods from China. In a risk zone - producers of food, chemical and cosmetic products.

And why at you on a Puma jacket jumps through Adidas strips? - You that, don't know? Same joint venture! " It is real dialogue on one of the markets of Ukraine. But, as a rule, the fakes made in Ukraine, of very high quality. The European Union in a panic - on its territory is imported counterfeit production with logos of leading European firms at the dumping prices. The eurocommissioner on trade Mandelson doesn't stay at home from - for the continuous business trips connected with protection of the European brands, - "Investgazeta" writes.

In the list of the countries making fakes for EU, Ukraine took recently the ninth place. By quantity of counterfeit clothes and food we on the fifth place, on perfumery - on the second. Europe sounds alarm, and in Ukraine a complete silence. It is possible to guess the sizes of a problem only, statistical data aren't present.

At the beginning of the Ukrainian era of fight against fakes one large Ukrainian plant on production of building materials decided to increase the sales. And instead of beginning a wide advertizing campaign, I went some other way: I bought exact copies of packing materials of the known European company in Turkey and I started selling the production under this brand. Worked: sales "flew up" several times.

The reason of such behavior is old as the world, after all production fake - almost one of the most favorable types of illegal earnings. Everything is simple. It isn't necessary to invest money in promotion of goods and to fight for its quality of sense too isn't present. The buyer will believe a name.

The state isn't going to assume all fault only. Experts - theorists claim: "Protection of a trademark is the integral element of industrial and trade strategy of any company". But practice testifies to other.After all one of the main reasons for present blossoming of fakes in Ukraine is an unwillingness of producers to fight with them!

How such can be? One companies simply don't understand the importance of brands, and others - don't hurry to fork up for protection of own name. After all fight against a fake - pleasure not from cheap. For effective fight against illegal trade of the company it is necessary to contain the whole staff of lawyers in Ukraine, to conduct market and sociological researches etc.

Washington could open eyes to Ukraine on the secret world of fakes. In 2001 of the USA without regret included our country in priority (read - the most dangerous) category of ominous "List 301". Today on the way of "sacred war" with false production I decided to go and EU. Of quantity of the Ukrainian fakes of the laser disks "walking" on the European Union countries, Brussels complains for a long time. But only recently Ukraine managed to get to one more, this time the European "black" list. In November of last year world experts included Ukraine in ten the largest countries - producers of a counterfeit.


The cabinet of Ukraine approved a target state program on protection of the rights of consumers for 2008-2011.

About it on a press - conferences were reported by the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko. "I would like that the government began serious strategy of control and responsibility of all producers of drinking water, and also food concerning quality", - she noted.

As reports the UNIAN, Gospotrebstandart has to develop the draft of the Target program for ensuring effective protection of the rights of consumers with a way in three-months time:

1) development new and reductions operating legislative and it is standard - legal acts in compliance with EU documents in the sphere of protection of the rights of consumers;

2) protection of domestic market from dangerous and unseemly quality of goods (works, services);

3) distributions among the population, in particular, through system of institutions of education, knowledge of the legislation of protection of the rights of consumers;

4) improvements it is material - technical and methodological ensuring researches of goods for the purpose of prevention and falsification identification, etc.

Besides, the Concept offers to coordinate actions of executive authorities and local government concerning providing effective system of supervision and control which would guarantee to consumers acquisition of only qualitative goods, operational system of informing of citizens about their rights and a real situation in the consumer market.

In Ukraine all forge: clothes and footwear, perfumery and cosmetics, food and alcohol, mobile phones... Jeans D&G for 150 UAH, spirits of Burberry for 90, Lui Vuitton bags for 500. Fans of a counterfeit buy coffee cheaper from the producer, fill with it packing in which more expensive production of the same brand is packaged, and sell at higher price. Sew jumpsuits in cellars and realize under Puma and Adidas label. In other words, the "lime" industry is wide and various. The king of this industry - consumer goods.


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