BYuT meetings, WELL - NANOSECONDS and IN Freedoms ended with a fight

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About Shevchenko's monument in the center of Lviv gathered according to different data from three people to five thousand.

BYuTA meeting under the slogan of the Democratic coalition - YES! it was planned at 15:00, however it began with almost hour delay - supporters WELL - NANOSECONDS stirred it to carrying out, crying out slogans: "Tymoshenko - ганьба! "

On that party of a militia cordon at 16:00 began the action to the lvovena, supporting WELL - NANOSECOND. Nearby I took place and IN Freedom with Koz's teatralizirovanny action - дереза in which the "antistate" policy premiere of Tymoshenko was criticized.

Representatives IN Freedom held posters with inscriptions: "Lady Yu - you very often change partners! ", "BYuT made change - designate the Verkhovna Rada! " also chanted: "Yulya designate! ".

People's Deputies Ivan Denkovich and Mikhail Kosiv managed to appear on specially built stage of BYuT before supporters of this political force. When Andrey Shkil addressed to the gathered нардеп, his microphone ceased to work. On it performance of byutovets came to the end.

After that on the square collisions began, the flag of BYuT and one flag of UNA - UNSO were broken. Militiamen quickly разборонили львовян.

Then supporters of BYuT restored electricity and turned on the music which muffled the begun meeting WELL - NANOSECOND.

Law enforcement officers confirmed the fact of collisions. According to their information, 12 provokers are brought from crowd.


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