Vladimir Chaika: "Not кличьте a wolf from the wood"

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Coming tomorrow, on September 18, continuation of session of city council, probably, very much irritates the mayor Vladimir Chaika. Or perhaps doesn't irritate, and annoys or upsets. The last assumption is more similar to the truth, differently why the mayor on peace and joyful action - delivery diplomas and thanks to participants in an exhibition in Moscow - touched on September 17 upon a subject of the forthcoming session? And with such words:

- I know that will be tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be a revolt by the ship. Because today there are forces which united not on political, and on businessovy interests.

It is difficult to tell that such on the eve of session told to the mayor. Or perhaps anything also didn't report. But the prevention was stated to at least two deputies of city council obviously. Though Vladimir Chaika also didn't call one of that two to whom it sent the message (however, to guess about whom the mayor speaks, it wasn't difficult), but the surname of the second was called.

So who so got the mayor?

The first - Alexander Zholobetsky. Its surname wasn't called, but it is possible to claim almost with 100-percentage confidence what exactly about it the mayor started speaking in a roundabout way - that "some once came to ask to me the credits, and at socks looked out also nails not стрижены, and now at sessions tell how me to live". "Slot machines full, and our children suffer from them! Who knows, how many turns means in a gaming? Caught the son of one businessman with 14 illegal slot machines, but the press kept silent, and tax specialists kept silent", - the mayor told in a fit of temper. And here following its message can already be considered as the prevention: "Business which won't help Nikolaev, will be closed. I don't know how, but - it is closed".

With the second deputy, so annoyed the mayor, it was simpler - his surname which hasn't been called at the very beginning of a speech, was called then already without ceremony: Kurchenko.To this deputy got, likely, at all that he gradually будирует a question on maternity hospital No. 3, and for another.

- The person has no conscience and man's honor - to expose the pregnant wife who wants to give birth in 3 - m maternity hospital, on people (main speaking at session of city council on September 11 - the wife of this deputy, - an editor's note). Yes let gives birth! I and told Kurchenko: "You why threw the child on eyes? The child understands everything! The tranquillity and once again tranquillity is necessary to the child! " And if I told the mother who 81 years, that Kurchenko told about me and my brothers, - would be trouble and a grief. Therefore I also speak: not кличьте a wolf from the wood, - the mayor finished the speech.

That will occur at session of city council tomorrow, we learn soon - it was necessary to wait not for long. Probably, the mayor will make an attempt if not to hang on yards of instigators "revolt by the ship", to banish them on a guardroom. But, probably, tomorrow from a today's mayor storm there will be no trace also - Vladimir Chaika of people quick-tempered, but easily appeased.


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