Nuclear bomb over Donetsk

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Source: "Gromadska Rada"

The supreme administrative court of Ukraine allowed to demolish everything from a face of the earth that is constructed and continues to be under construction in Donetsk at Lukyanchenko's head.

This decision is still stored behind seven seals. Though in the nature already enough wide range of persons knows of its existence. First of all - Donetsk interdistrict nature protection prosecutor's office which achieved pronouncement of this decision, having passed courts of all instances - from the first to the highest (and, so, final). But, according to the head of law-enforcement department, at it to this day isn't present on hands of this unique judicial verdict equal on the force and power to a nuclear bomb, capable displace from a face of Donetsk all structures built to the territories of the city for the last 5-6 years.

The text of so apocalyptic decision has no also if to trust the mayor Alexander Lukyanchenko and his legal managing director Vladimir Ustimenko, and the Donetsk city council acting in judicial instances as the respondent, flatly refusing protection of own interests. However, the same thankless job - denial of the violated rights of the City Council - throughout all judicial epic representatives of the mayor worked also hard, with stupid tediousness of a parrot repeating on all a press - conferences and meetings with the public that works and directs the city only in a legal framework. Continues to repeat and to this day, referring to that still didn't see the official document with the Supreme Arbitration Court decision.

And, at last, with this document, precisely knowing about its existence, still had no opportunity personally to examine representatives of public organizations of the city and its inhabitants who, actually, initially insisted and insisted on its removal. Even having addressed directly in the Supreme Arbitration Court for obtaining the copy, they were refused in office. Say, specify, for what purpose "it is necessary to you".And it when, according to the current legislation, all judgments passed though in shabby interdistrict Hatsapetovka though in a specific hail Donetsk or capital Kiev, are obliged to be exposed on court and a public review for what specially for the state money and foreign grants on the Internet the special register site without passwords and access modes is created.

Nuclear verdict: consequences catastrophic

What it for the decision about which very much have heard a lot but which still anybody in eyes didn't see? And why it so are afraid to show to inhabitants of Donetsk?

And everything is very simple. It is a question of the decision of the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine of June 26, 2008 in the claim of Donetsk interdistrict nature protection prosecutor's office in interests of Donetsk city council to Donetsk city council and the Donetsk mayor about cancellation of the decision of the Donetsk City Council No. 20/16 of 24.06.05 "About delegation to executive committee of city council of powers on change of purpose of lands, coordination of the location of objects on the land plots, transfer to property, to granting in continuous using and rent, to sale, purchase of the land plots, the conclusion of agreements on transfer of the property right to the land plots".

According to VASU verdict (entered, we will notice, in force from the moment of its removal, i.e. from 26.06.2005, and to not subject appeal), all decisions of executive committee of Donetsk city council concerning order questions the earth in the territory of Donetsk are illegal. Therefore, all permissions for construction of new administrative, economic and inhabited objects in the city, all acts on sale or granting in rent of the land plots, DGS made by executive committee during the period from June 24, 2005 to March 28 years current (about this date - details are lower) - illegitimate, subject to unconditional cancellation. And as all these illegal decisions of executive committee laid down in the basis of construction works on construction of numerous buildings and constructions in Donetsk during this period - that and walls of these objects also have to be subject to demolition according to the first requirement!

That is why we at the very beginning of our narration compared the specified solution of VASU to a nuclear bomb. And here than speaks that fact that still this document is stored from the public under seven locks. Because all (from the mayor A.Lukyanchenko to members of board of the Supreme Arbitration Court of Ukraine) understand - as soon as this "weapon" becomes general property (and it is obliged to become that! ) destructive consequences will be unpredictable …


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