Expert: Part of "regionals" in the long term will go to BYuT. They understand Yanukovych's hopelessness.

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In Party of Regions underestimated Yanukovych and … overestimated a role of Akhmetov who appeared "in very difficult, ticklish situation for itself". The expert expects transition of part of "regionals" to BYuT.

"I don't exclude that the part of people from Party of Regions (in BYuT such practically isn't present) consciously plays on in the long term to jump in BYuT, - the political scientist Vladimir Fesenkospeaks in interview to "Day". -They understand Yanukovych's hopelessness. They understand that "regions" will lose fight for presidency and already build bridges to the new perspective leader Tymoshenko". But, thus, the expert didn't want to call these people...

"For "regionals" the main problem internal - the part of fraction doesn't want the union with BYuT. Also sees the main opponent not in Yushchenko, and in Tymoshenko. And these people are rather influential, - he also noted. - Akhmetov's group - first of all. There is a Rosukrenergo group, but they aren't so influential. They as though under Yanukovych. They, certainly, have certain channels of influence from Moscow, but it is rather economic mechanism, than political. They have no such influence, as at Akhmetov's group. But also Akhmetov's group appeared in minority. They don't possess a blocking package in party leadership of regions. I spoke about it earlier, and now it was confirmed - underestimated Yanukovych a little, considered that he Akhmetov's puppet that it doesn't make any decisions. And it appeared that when the speech concerns its own interests, it still as accepts decisions. And in - the second, overestimated Akhmetov's role. And now Rinat Leonidovich appeared in very difficult, ticklish situation for himself when he needs to restore influence on decision-making process in Party of Regions and to avoid in any way of the risks connected with Tymoshenko".


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