PIB and its "sacred" Vladimir

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PIB and its "sacred" Vladimir

In 1782 the Russian empress Catherine II founded an award "Saint prince Vladimir equal to the apostles". Then to them awarded...

... "in honor of the feats made in a field of public service, and in requital of works, for advantage public the podjemlemykh". On the face of an award very eloquent motto was beaten out: "Advantage, honor and glory". Since 1957 to the present it exists as the Russian Orthodox Church award. Among his winners there is also a head of "Prominvestbank" (PIB) Vladimir Matviyenko. It is hard to say, whether verses and the songs which are regularly leaving from - under Vladimir Pavlovich's feather, or, for example, a three-meter sculpture of the seminude girl from the Italian white marble, presented by it to Donetsk and established in the city square directly behind a monument to Lenin belong to brought to them for society to benefit. But with full confidence it is possible to claim that its activity on a post of the head of one of the largest banks of Ukraine does to our country huge harm.

The conducted researches showed that in the I quarter 2008 among all domestic banks of PIB lost the greatest number of the clients. From a set of the reasons of a rupture of the relations, the first two places surely (more than 50% of cases) are taken by loss of trust and a dissatisfaction with tariffs.On - former the bank credits the state enterprises which, are generally unprofitable much, and also gives money to agriculture where the situation is even worse. Today, with reduction of large state ownership, field of activity of PIBA is catastrophically narrowed. At the same time, according to V. Matviyenko's personal instructions actively there is a delivery of obviously irretrievable credits and loans, investments are made in doubtful investment projects of his relatives and close acquaintances. Practically there was norm a participation in criminal schemes on "washing" of money and their conclusion abroad. So, for example, Gosfinmonitoring together with the international experts from FATF make investigation on similar episodes for total amount in 355 million dollars. And it only iceberg top! The conflicts to big customers because of violation by bank of the legislation on bank secret don't cease. That is why clients in large quantities leave PIBA. And after all quite recently he admitted "Bank of year Ukraine" according to the British magazine "The Banker" three times, business - assembly as the best enterprise of Europe was noted European, and the international rating agency "Moody's" appropriated it one of the highest ratings among the Ukrainian banks.

But it is much easier to rise by top of success, than to keep on it. Especially, when the main driving force in destruction of so serious and powerful financial institution is his head. And there is it from the total impunity and absence of control of actions of the chairman of the board of PIBA. Already for many years giving in National bank and State commission on securities and stock market of the obligatory reporting either is completely ignored, or it is provided in the distorted form. As a result, regulatory bodies have how many - нибудь no real idea of a true financial position of one of the largest banks of the country to which fondly entrusted the savings of one hundred thousands simple citizens.

By an example of the French king in due time declaring "The state is I", Vladimir Pavlovich is absolutely sure what exactly it and is "Prominvestbank". Therefore - that on money of shareholders it is organized and the Party national - economic development of Ukraine about which many in general never heard, for the son V is financed.Matviyenko is created National Credit bank where over 20 offices of PIBA are free of charge transferred, without reckoning with opinion of the majority of minority shareholders whom in a press - bank releases contemptuously call "tiny", don't stop attempts at any cost to carry out illegal additional issue of actions. It is enough to look at the contents official the Internet - PIBA site to be convinced of existence unreasonably and unreasonably created cult of personality of his chairman of the board. As soon as don't call Vladimir Pavlovich: "versatily developed personality", "Father", "the intellectual who is fond of poetry and music", "benefactor", etc., etc. Practically, sacred! Here only the nimbus over his head completely disappears when some facts from his life become property of publicity.

For anybody not a secret that V. Matviyenko possesses the extremely difficult character, talks mainly in mandative tone, despite of the status and a position, is inclined to roughness. Such behavior costed it in due time a position of the chairman of NBU. He doesn't love the press and has constantly legal proceedings with mass media, considering that all negative information on PIBE or its personality are only someone's order. Also V. Matviyenko is inclined to the excessive use of alcoholic beverages, giving preference to moonshine, from - for what often goes to long hard drinkings. In bank wine parties after board meetings therefore recently the management gathers even more often became a continuous rule: if a few years ago meetings took place once a week, in recent years - a minimum twice. There would be an occasion. Being nature creative, Vladimir Pavlovich was engaged also in producing of two young singers - M. Spizhenko and M. Zakharchenko, having organized peculiar "Club sexually - financial mutual aid". And process quite often happens directly in an office of the chairman of the board, as they say, on the job.

It was much told and told about unreasonable praise in due time L. Brezhnev's merits. But it is enough to read any issue of the Obriy newspaper which is publishing on money of bank and the chief - which editor is V. Matviyenko to be convinced that the former Soviet Secretary general and can't close compete with the present head of PIBA. Here only the most modest of epithets which Vladimir Pavlovich is awarded on pages of this edition: "the Ukrainian from capital letter", "the identity of the XXI century", "country hands of gold", "the outstanding economist, the culturologist and the poet".By the way, about poetry which is its peculiar card. Here one of V. Matviyenko's "immortal" quatrains:

Red poppies - fire on a grass,
Red poppies - the earth on fire,
Red poppies dreamed me,
Red poppies - memory of war.

And here a fragment for more "advanced" reader:

I lived on the earth not without reason, I saw its colors.
She woke up early, dew washed me.
I saw moonlight nights, and in them - blue eyes.
Stars in billion points flickered, I counted up them to morning.
And where - that my dawn at number 6622 shone.

It is clear that neither T. Shevchenko, nor A. Pushkin and can't close stand nearby on talent level with Vladimir Pavlovich.

Actively he is engaged and by political activity - on money of PIBA is created and the "pocket" Party national - economic development of Ukraine (PNERU) is strenuously financed. It doesn't matter that the majority of citizens of the country also had never heard of it. But PNERU regularly and actively participates in all elections in the Verkhovna Rada and even gathers already on some tenth percent of votes. Quite in the spirit of the Olympic principle: the main thing - not a victory, the main thing - participation. But as it amuses vanity!

But the inability and unwillingness of "sacred" Vladimir to work in market conditions is much more dangerous. From here a zavleniye about need to impose the temporary moratorium on registration of banks, to forbid opening of settlement and currency accounts to the enterprises and the organizations in other banks before payment of all available debts by them and so forth. Also V. Matviyenko always furiously opposed small Ukrainian banks and arrival to the country of foreign banking capitals. It and is clear: for the person, got used to work in the conditions of rigid central planning when everything depended on ability to agree with the administration, free competition is similar to death. As a result the head of PIBA launched thoughtless "war for the client", expressed in the maximum inflating of a credit portfolio of the bank, brought to reduction of assets in a year on 520 million dollars.

All this clearly and accurately speaks about the ripened need as soon as possible to return PIB to state ownership especially as control over so large bank was lost as a result of illegally carried out its corporatisation. The main character of the movie "Saint Jørgen's Holiday" spoke: "The most important in a profession of the sacred - to be washed away in time".The last steps of "sacred" Vladimir show that it and is going to make soon, having got over "on deserved rest" on one of the Seychelles bought them. After it there will be plundered PIB and hundreds thousands deceived clients. For this reason only complete control from the state will be able to prevent further degradation, decline and ruin of the oldest Ukrainian bank, and nowadays among leaders in our country that, in turn, will prevent possible enormous social explosion.


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