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Source: Lately world economy became a source in the basic of bad news. Ukraine not exception. And here, except troubles in stock market and hryvnia falling, it became known that the Russian company Mirax Group suspended construction in Kiev widely advertized 46-floor skyscraper of Mirax Plaza. That who already bought there offices, promise to return money. Crisis in the market of real estate went beyond a housing segment … Information that "in connection with world financially - credit crisis the Mirax Group corporation will freeze the only project in Kiev which is in a construction stage, and will refuse development of a number of objects in Russia", at the same time published two business publications - "The Kommersant - Ukraine" and Russian "Sheets". The last edition called the reason of "a construction default". It is the cost of the credits. If before Mirax Group gave money under 8,5%, now to it, it seems, offered under 25%. "Kommersant" generally concentrated what to do to buyers of "metric area" who already invested money in a skyscraper. To them suggest either to wait at least a year, or to take away money (probably, with losses).

Both publications bear a faint resemblance … to the newspaper announcement of the arisen difficulties. Apparently, in Mirax which showed until recently full optimism and I gave away apartments to Madonna, decided that is necessary the first of the Russian developers to admit shortage of money.

The initiative was supported also by other Russian builders. In some hours after Mirax Group recognition the president of the Stroimontazh company Artur Kirilenko reported that his company will suspend new projects, including abroad. However, Kirilenko - the figure close to the owner of Mirax Group to Sergey Polonsky, belongs to it 10% of "Stroimontazh" and therefore it obviously satisfied a request of the friend.

But anyway, all this means that secret gradually becomes obvious: construction corporations start admitting inability to resist to leaning crisis.At this Mirax Group is not in the worst situation: according to the estimates of experts, its debt on the end of the year will make $1,2 billion (against $713 million following the results of 2007) while at the company objects even more than on $2 billion are almost completed. In much worst situation there were many other construction companies which adjusted real estate, say, in resorts at the expense of the credits not under 8%, and under more than 20%, expected to cover all expenses with big profit, and now "lick a paw" in lack of demand.

A week ago I was lucky to spend holidays near Yalta. Also you know, than the outdoor advertizing along the seaside highway struck? Persuasive, almost hysterical offers of already ready housing. Not that only is put, and what constructed and even in places departments under European-quality repairs to support which in a trade dress even more difficultly, than to keep the frozen unfinished construction in a normal state.

Way to Yalta today are continuous бигборды which offer on credit without percent (!), with a registration, with payment by installments, a discount, discount, with "a licking of the client", etc. any prestigious housing. Country houses, housing estates - multi-storey buildings, housing estates as houses, but issued in the hotel centers with "rooms for visitors" (distinctive feature - it is impossible to register in them), club houses, "the White House", "Richelieu Shatto", "Surname" in Gurzuf, "Giving doctor Shteyngolts" in Alushta, "Azure" in Gaspre, "Respect - the Hall" in Koreiz, "Darsan - the Oriental carpet", "Apart - hotel" in Yalta, "the Southern Palmira" in Kurpatakh, "Park Chair" in Miskhore - all this is on sale from $10 thousand for square meter, but … isn't bought.

"Blue blood" of Yalta realtor offices, those who worked with Russians (they bought to 40% of new real estate on the peninsula, and taking into account housing registration on figureheads - and all 70%), walk idle. Russians lost interest to Yalta.

The Ukrainian buyers who got apartments generally with two purposes - resales or letting, - try to get rid of them. And not only because in pools not always there is a water, smart elevators not always work from - for interruptions in light, and in the next supermarket with the owner of apartments for hundreds thousands dollars will get nasty the same as to the ordinary tourist. It isn't infrastructure, and in crisis. It became unprofitable to contain the Crimean apartments (and monthly utilities and accompanying payments on the average eat to $500).Crisis struck on the tourist sphere first of all. If quite recently people paid on the credit for the apartment, the car and at all this were able to afford rest, now to them not to the sea and the Bear - mountains.

Many are afraid as a result of crisis to remain without work and means of livelihood therefore feverishly accumulate "emergency rations" for rainy day. Others invested money in construction of apartments in Kiev, and the sixth sense prompts to them that it is possible to say goodbye to this money safely now already.

About that housing construction which was conducted by the small companies failed, it is already possible to speak as about the come true fact. In July when essential decline in demand for new housing (according to consulting agencies almost for 60%), the small companies was outlined - the builders who have frozen construction still in the past winter, it is almost universal refused finishing begun up to the end. Mostly they managed to sell "unfinished construction" to the large companies. Part of objects and remain "mass graves" of money of investors in the form of ditches and "boxes" which will be reanimated only after the end of crisis. That is not soon, as crisis only begins.

But also it not all. The situation isn't limited to private housing construction and freezing of construction of skyscrapers. In Ukraine construction and necessary for economic security of the country of industrial facilities stops. For example, construction of a strategic power facility of Ukraine - Dniester pumped storage power plant is suspended. Thus whoever as explained the reasons, all of them are rather honestly stated only in "announcement" of Mirax Group and are formulated by one phrase - "money isn't present and it isn't known" …


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