The committee of voters gave out parliamentary idlers. PR and BYuT in leaders

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130 People's Deputies in a year didn't find time to become the author or the coauthor at least one legislative initiative. Monitoring of year activity of People's Deputies of Ukraine of the VI convocation testifies to it, carried out by Committee of voters of Ukraine, reports "UNIAN".

So, in fraction of Party of Regions of deputies which didn't submit any bill, 29%, in BYuT - 36%, in WELL - NANOSECOND - 17%, in KPU - 19%, in Blok of Litvin - 20%.

At the same time, most of all bills deputies Alexander Omelchenko (WELL - NANOSECOND) registered, Yury Klyuchkovsky (WELL - NANOSECOND) and Sergey Podgorny (BYUT) - however 90% of these bills concerned purpose of snap local elections.

Also noticeable legislative activity showed (registered over 50 bills): Sergey Terekhin and Victor Shvets (BYUT), Sergey Kivalov and Vasily Hara (PR), Gennady Moskal (WELL - NANOSECOND).

Also KIU notes that in spite of the fact that all fractions of parliament formally carried out fixing of deputies to areas, only 25% of deputies visit regions and carry out there system work.

The main modes of work with voters were: functioning of a public reception, personal reception, visit of sessions of local councils, influence on distribution of subventions to local budgets and financing of the state target programs. KIU recommends to introduce the amendments concerning fixing of deputies of each fraction behind areas, the requirement about conducting personal reception, correspondence, work of receptions in regulations of BP.

KIU in the monitoring comes to a conclusion that, despite election pledges practically all political forces, deputies didn't refuse privileges which remained and in the law on the status of the People's Deputy, and in the state budget. A significant amount of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the VI convocation received in a private property of the apartment or financial support "on improvement of living conditions".

The committee of voters considers that for improvement of overall performance of legislature it is necessary to carry out a radical reform of activity of parliament:to change an electoral system in the direction of introduction of regional open lists, to revise regulations of work of parliament, technically to provide personal vote, to strengthen personal work with voters. Also in KIU emphasize that in case of holding snap elections of People's Deputies without introduction of a new electoral system - party leaders have to change cardinally the principle of formation of electoral lists - to enter public discussions of candidates, to hold inner-party or public "primaries", not to include in lists of deputies of the previous convocations which didn't register bills and didn't work in districts.

It is known that in parliament of 450 deputies.


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