Problems are, but as a whole - it is good

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Deputies of the Nikolaev regional council recognized work of head YEAH on performance of the delegated powers satisfactory.

Today, on September 19, on 24 sessions of the Nikolaev regional council the Nikolaev governor reported to deputies about implementation of programs socially - an economic and cultural development of the region, the regional budget and the delegated powers.

The chairman of a regional council Tatyana Demchenko noted that for the first time preparation for this session took place in a mode of cooperation and fruitful assistance, and remarks and proposals of deputies at the organization of work of regional public administration were considered for 90%.

As Alexey Garkusha noted and it is rather difficult to it to separate now the delegated powers from straight lines, and people in general perceive the power one expression: "These …". For any change in consciousness of people offices of regional hospital were open for veterans of war in the regional centers Pervomaisk and New Bug that from the remote areas it was more convenient to people to receive medical care also.

According to the governor, questions where his intervention, services YEAH can't change anything were difficult only. And one of sore problems from representatives of the village the question of mitigation from entry of Ukraine into the WTO sounded at milk sale. "80% of inhabitants of the village live due to milk delivery. How they can be helped now? ", - the question from the deputy Atanasoff traditionally sounded. "There was nothing to tear a finishing ribbon. Poland was included into the WTO too close to the foul, defending the rights of small producers. This country and Hungary got considerable support on infrastructure development", - Alexey Garkusha answered and advised special attention to pay not on raw materials sale, and - on finished goods. In places it is possible to look for only any internal reserves, the governor considers.

Other questions always take place for the decision. If in the Snigirevsky colony No. 5 a difficult situation with tuberculosis, and the issue isn't resolved even at the state level, the area has to allocate at least 800 thousand UAH for sewerage construction. "Really, without it fight against tuberculosis will be impossible", - the chairman of the commission on health care Victor Vidyapin considers.Many years the brought-up question of a construction of a bypass road round Pervomaisk and Voznesensk at last found permission. These two cities are included by the Government of Ukraine in the list of 100 cities where roundabout ways will be constructed. "Only that people need to consider, keep work and to pave ways so that locals could participate in infrastructure work", - Alexey Garkusha offered. As for complaints to cold in ФАПах, in this case it is a question only of control of work of local administrations: "The overfulfillment of budgets was everywhere, and for cold have to be responsible with positions".

Problem of treatment facilities of the regional center, according to Alexey Garkusha, it is necessary to solve together with the city authorities, regional administration and means of the state budget. And this problem for Nikolaev really the very difficult. As the deputy Anatoly Nikolenko noted, cleaning constructions practically don't work, and thousands tons of crude drains fall into the river the Southern Bug. And it already resulted long ago in lack of fish and pollution of once pure river water.

As a whole the report of the governor was approved, and on the comment of the fraction, presented by the deputies, working in the previous structure YEAH, about dryness and a report statistichnost Alexey Garkusha answered that on that it and the report: "And what there had to be, slogans, promises and banners? "


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