Merged in ecstasy …

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Extremely sincere and on - house quiet 24-I turned out session of the Nikolaev regional council. As the colleague - the journalist who too was present at a sessional hall was neatly expressed, "two branches of the power merged in ecstasy". Branches legislative and executive mean.

In the agenda of session the report of the chairman of the regional state administration - "about implementation of programs socially - an economic and cultural development of the region, the regional budget and the delegated powers" appeared.

The common sense prompts that it has to be the detailed report of the head of area on how the administration hand in hand with people's deputies takes care of the people benefit - in a section of implementation of these or those programs, and especially - the budget. Experience prompts still, which - that: the report of the governor is, in addition, peculiar "parade of armies". Political, certainly. So it developed in Ukraine that the position of the head of the regional state administration is political, and all his actions are considered through this prism. And, as a rule, reaction of a depuy corps to speech of the governor is not so much an objective assessment of his activity, how many demonstration of the relation to him this or that fraction.

In this sense process of the report of Alexey Garkusha was indicative. As the chairman of regional council Tatyana Demchenko told, last session can become a sample - so it was quiet and "brushed" in deputy performances.

Deputies didn't want to listen to the long report of the head of the regional state administration - asked A.Garkusha to be limited to tezisny retelling. After that turned to questions which can really serve as an example of tolerance and complacency. It is necessary to pay tribute to the governor - wide official experience allows it to hold blow and to answer any questions capaciously and vastly at the same time. So a question of the deputy from a hall that the regional state administration for protection of producers of milk in connection with the entry of Ukraine into the WTO does today, the head YEAH answers widely, including the accession to the World organization hasty:

- Other countries don't hurry.Poland led too, I would tell not that essentially, and too close to the foul, protecting each of positions. We in this case lost light industry, there are representatives, sit... Suit which here costs today 300-400 dollars, it on border costs 2,5 dollars - such duty today, and so on. How it is possible to compete? What measures at this level we can take?

I recured the Soviet joke to the memory:

The American radio asked Russian:

- And the truth, what at you the engineer with the higher education isn't able to afford the car? The Russian radio long was silent, then answered:

- And your Blacks lynch!

From general "approval" "nasheukrainets" who vividly were interested in destiny of pharmaceutical factory, the koblevsky coast and the airport were allocated, and communists - the leader Nikolaev "red" Nikolay Dzardanov remembered about "the regional contract", turned in due time by means of the governor in inaccessible "homeland granaries", about a strange situation with combines for certain agricultural producers for which why - that the regional budget and so forth

has to pay

And only the communist Alexander Usenko suggested to recognize work of administration "insufficient". Other acting - generally representatives of Party of Regions - made the offer to consider work satisfactory. For as voted.

After such "merges in ecstasy" remained questions.

In - the first, at political observers: how the governor managed - to the chief representative of People's party in the region - to reach mutual understanding with representatives of various political forces in a regional council?

In - the second, at journalists. Those from them to whom has the luck to see the report in full, couldn't but notice that it has character of the statistical reporting and not fully opens the questions concerning implementation of accepted regional programs, fillings of the regional budget.

One example. In the section "Sphere of Real Sector of Economy", in the subparagraph "Industry" it is told that "Priority and strategic branch for our area is the shipbuilding". However, except ascertaining of a state of affairs at shipbuilding plants, about concrete activity YEAH on preservation of this branch it isn't told words.Except carrying out in May, 2008 of the Shipbuilding 2008 exhibition (in what, actually, too there isn't enough merit YEAH), it isn't told words about what else events were held YEAH for branch revival specifically. And so - in all branches.

To take animal husbandry. In area essential reduction of a livestock of KRS (for 7,75%) and pigs (for 42%) is observed. What is specifically undertaken on performance "Programs of stabilization and animal husbandry development in farms of all forms of ownership of the Nikolaev area for 2005-2010"? And anything. On this question at A.Garkusha the universal answer: the state is guilty. Very convenient ephemeral formulation, and "state" it is guilty at the governor in very many problems - and in low purchase prices of milk, and in urgent accession to WTO, and in destruction of such important agricultural institutes, as a semenovodchestvo and insemination. And executive power in area it seems as well as at anything.

Unclear, however, who is guilty that from privatization was planned to receive in the regional budget of 10 million 300 thousand hryvnias, and received today 556 thousand that makes only 5,8% of plan targets on privatization.

But all these particulars, a little interesting deputies. It seems that the main thing today for the most part of a depuy corps is peaceful co-existence and cooperation with all political forces as the deputy Igor Dyatlov (PR) emphasized. And whether goes on advantage of area such peace (read - toothless) coexistence and that the citizens waiting improvements of life already today - the question too remaining open as a result receive.


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