Arkady Kornatsky intends to protect the reputation in court

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That the relations between the governor and one of his deputies (with a prefix of the deputy - even after ten months of work) Arkady Kornatsky we became, we will softly tell, unfriendly, it became clear after the deputy governor shed light on some cases illegal, in his opinion, sales of land in the Nikolaev area. On taken place on Saturday, September 20, a press - conferences it not only added this list, but also in passing explained, for what "crimes" it became so objectionable to the head YEAH.

So, what places in area are nice for illegal sale of land or its transfer to long-term rent?

Village Guerrilla Zhovtnevy area

At the end of 90-x years the so-called investor by the name of Tabula with assistance of the leaders of the Zhovtnevy area of that time (which, according to A.Kornatsky, and nowadays at the power), received in rent from several hundred inhabitants of the village the earth, for 25 years. And 800 hectares are only that remained. At first was much more. Some part of people all - was succeeded to pull out the earth from this rent servitude. But the majority of people doesn't receive two years a rent because the earth two years aren't processed. They already upholstered all possible thresholds, try to have legal proceedings, but anything at them doesn't leave - from - that Tabula has administrative resource. And this administrative resource helps it with struggling with peasants. And they neither in court, nor in administrations, in any other bodies of the truth can't achieve. And Tabula looks for meanwhile the investor who would buy from him these rights of rent.

Meshkovo's village - Pogorelovo Zhovtnevogo of the area

The earth already распаевана, however people aren't given the state acts. Heads of local administration motivate it with that the rights of a quantity of people in Meshkovo - Pogorelovo which weren't included into Memory of Communards cooperative are violated and by which land shares aren't allocated. But A.Kornatsky claims that it at all doesn't answer reality. And those people who weren't included into cooperative, were shareholders.Then they sold the actions to the society "Oksamit" which then was included into Sandora plant structure.

- These people have the right to a land share, but not from those lands which in rent at "Memory of Communards", - are told by Arkady Kornatsky. - They have the right to a land share from those lands which are transferred to the society "Oksamit". These lands still are state. They are leased. And nothing stirs these lands распаевать and to give to these people land shares. And the right of members of Memory of Communards cooperative is unshakable and lawful. And they have the right to receive that, on what there are cadastral plans.

Beaches in Koblevo and Rybakovke

- 18-го April, for coordination the draft of the order of the head of the regional state administration about granting to two enterprises - "AAS" and state of emergency state of emergency "Rich - AAS" - "useful properties of the woods for improvement of beaches was sent me to temporary long-term use for 49 years from lands of forestry". It was at first sight clear that to sign this order it is impossible for one simple reason - there is item 2 of Art. 3 of the Land Code of Ukraine which says that when using a subsoil, the woods, waters, atmospheric air or their properties if thus there are land relations, it is necessary to apply the Land Code. That is, the Land Code has a priority over the industry legislation. In this case, for providing beach services, matter of course, arise zemelno - legal relations. And it means that it is necessary to do land use planning documentation, the project of assignment of the land plot, to coordinate it with all appropriate government and local bodies. I wrote the service record that I can't vise it as it is necessary to apply the Land Code. In couple of days on a table already signed order of the head of the regional state administration about granting to these two enterprises more than 16 hectares of lands that makes some kilometers of a shore was necessary to me. At this order, despite my written denial, it was written that control over the implementation is assigned to me. I again - wrote already more vast service record where listed all, whose rights are violated, including local governments, local businessmen. Also I submitted this service record, having added it with that I can exercise control of this order only by the message to the governor about its illegality.But long time to me was necessary to adhere to office ethics - not to report anywhere about similar orders. And already in July when the order started being implemented on those beaches and when businessmen and the public started being indignant, there was a scandal.

On a press - conferences Arkady Kornatsky presented the public organization "Selyansky Front" which will be engaged in protection of peasants against an official arbitrariness. On a question, really the person who is the deputy governor, can't protect interests of peasants, without having public organization, Arkady Kornatsky answered:

- You, as well as the majority of citizens, exaggerate possibility of deputy heads of public authorities a little. I assure you that to resolve at least one issue, deputies heads have no powers. Because to issue any administrative acts the deputy head has no right, by the legislation. Everything that it was possible to make on my competence, I did. I wrote offers on this or that question to the head of the regional state administration, I suggested to publish the order of the head of the regional state administration on a raspayevaniye of the earth or on cancellation of the order of the head of the district state administration which is illegal.

After that Arkady Kornatsky sounded some more cases of illegal "prikhvatization" of the land plots.

- Garkush's surname, by the way, appears in the Domanevsky area 20-ти to citizens who live in the city of Odessa and Odessa region (among which) the land plots under personal agriculture are provided. Though under the law have the right to receive the earth under personal agriculture only people who live in this village. Except the Land Code, there is a Law of Ukraine "About personal agriculture" in which it is written that the personal agriculture is an activity which is carried out with use of property of personal agriculture. The person has to live in the village, have the yard which, by the way, has to be also is registered in the Village Council. After the head of Domanevsky administration provides the earth to these people, I write the service record that it needs to be cancelled. It isn't cancelled. Meanwhile in Pervomaisk the area 27-and to inhabitants of the village the Stone Beam is provided the earth under personal agriculture.But, as this earth, appears, over a granite field which is necessary for powerful structure where there are interests of several heads of government bodies in the Nikolaev area, right there appears both a protest of the prosecutor, and the order of the head of the regional state administration - to cancel that the earth was provided in 2007-ohm year to these citizens in spite of the fact that they are inhabitants of this village. Also the order of the head of the regional state administration about cancellation of the order of the head of the May Day district state administration is signed.

At last, Arkady Kornatsky told with what such sharp rejection by his governor began and as his rejection by the chief official of area developed.

- In this regional state administration there is no desire that I worked at the position. 28-more го February 2008-го years the Cabinet coordinated my appointment. And any barriers to my appointment to the post not "deputy", namely deputy - No. And it in spite of the fact that lies already as me assured, the draft of the order on a table at the head of the regional state administration. And for quite some time now, when I eventually fulfilled a civic duty, so to speak, and ceased to hide some nuances of work of the regional state administration, on me frank pressure began... I am not sure that at us (in the regional state administration - the bus) don't commit heavy and especially serious crimes. But I not really worry, how long I will work in this position. The end of my stay at a position of the acting as, probably, any more behind mountains.

Kornatsky explained that 11-го September he knew according to the head of the HR department of the regional state administration Kondratyuk that, it appears, 24-го July the board of the regional state administration considered a question of its compliance of a post. To this board him didn't invite. And it passed not in Nikolaev, and in New Bug. Kornatsky also told that he was the member of board but after he "several times acted with the opinion on those questions which were considered", the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkusha brought him out of board


- It was written that recognition of my work as that which doesn't answer certain criteria, was progolosovano unanimously. It very much surprised me. In any case, one person from members of board, in my opinion, shouldn't have voted to recognize my work inadequate. When I addressed to this person (his surname and remained a riddle - a bus), he told:"Yes, I was on this board, but your question wasn't considered". And in August as later also it appeared, me the head of the regional state administration took out reprimand about what I also learned orally, according to the head of the HR department. And that only when in a human resources department for me asked the explanatory note. I, appear, in the Nikolaev area is guilty in disorder of livestock branch. With surprise I start thinking, whether I am guilty in disorder of the Soviet Union and collective-farm system. I think that the decision as soon as possible is already made to get rid of me. We will look that their it leaves...

Not answering to any criteria A.Kornatsky considers making decision on recognition of its work illegal. He intends to protect the business reputation in court...


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