To Ukraine the ship of such class as the Ukraine guided missile cruiser, isn't necessary

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To armed forces of Ukraine the ship of such class as the Ukraine guided missile cruiser, isn't necessary. It at meeting of committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning the European integration was declared by the acting as the first Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Valery Ivashchenko. As it added that the basic ship of Naval Forces of Ukraine defined the class "corvette" ship, reports a press - service of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

"The cruiser "Ukraine" can't perform tasks for which it was created. Besides, the need of this cruiser for fuel equals requirements of other ships of Naval Forces of Ukraine", - V. Ivashchenko noted. He noted that every year about 1 million UAH of budgetary funds is spent for the maintenance of the Ukraine guided missile cruiser.

V. Ivashchenko also reported that because some part of the equipment of the cruiser already failed, experts estimate a condition of its today's readiness for 92-93%. According to him, possibility of sale of the Ukraine guided missile cruiser was comprehensively studied by specialists of the relevant structural divisions of military department, but for the present this question "remains open".

We will remind that on May 20, 2008 the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko ordered to the Cabinet to resolve an issue of rather further use of the unfinished Ukraine guided missile cruiser in two-month time. It is also necessary to note that conversations on cruiser "Ukraine" sale to Russians were had.

Tried to decide destiny of this unfinished ship and the Nikolaev officials. According to the order of the mayor of August No. 438r 15 in Nikolaev the working group which has to be engaged in the solution of further destiny of the cruiser "Ukraine" was created. Members of the working group in details had to study a situation and documentation which is connected with the matter. And on the basis of the carried-out analysis to prepare offers on an exit from current situation.

The same order of the mayor defined structure of the working group.Its chairman - the mayor Vladimir Chaika. Yury Granaturov and Alexander Prikhodko are appointed vice-chairmen. Also the working group included Evgeny Borisov, Igor Kozyrev, Vasily Levshunov, Vladimir Matveev, Igor Ovdiyenko, Victor Stavitsky, Alexander Sechevoy, Vadim Chorny, Vyacheslav Yaroshenko.

Reference: the cruiser "Ukraine", was put on Nikolaev "Shipbuilding plant of a name of 61 Communards" by request of the Navy of the USSR under the name "Admiral of Fleet Lobov" (the name "Ukraine" received in 1998). It had to become the fourth ship of the project 1164 known under the general name "Atlas". On August 1, 1990 the cruiser was floated. Completion was stopped in 1996 from - for lack of financing, and solemnly renewed in 1999. It was planned to enter "Ukraine" into structure of Naval Forces of Ukraine in 2000, then - in 2001. But these plans weren't carried out.


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