War for maternity hospital No. 3 proceeds

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In a conference - a hall of Management of health protection of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies meeting of the commission on a question of investigation of the written address of 240 women of the city of Nikolaev to the Prime minister - to the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko took place. The copy of this address was sent and to other instances of the country, including to Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In the letter the Prime minister - to the minister of the woman asked to understand the situation connected with maternity hospital No. 3 and its chief physician Vitaly Laty. Authors of the letter opposed transfer of the third maternity hospital to property of area and dismissal of his chief physician.

The commission created by regional Management of health protection by order of Ministry of Health, included the chief obstetrician of the city Irina Shamray, the legal adviser Natalya Novikova, chief physicians and doctors of the city, among which Tamara Dubinets, Yury Yatsenko, Larisa Ganusovskaya. The deputy head of department of health protection of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Anatoly Prikhodko headed the commission.

The head of department of health protection of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Larisa Dergunova told present at meeting about city maternity hospitals. Larisa Yurevna gave these areas of maternity hospitals, time of their construction and technical condition today, and also read acts of checks of a sanepidemstantion for the last five years

At meeting the question of financing of medical institutions was considered also. According to the legislation, the equal quantity of money for everyone is allocated for each maternity hospital fixed to maternity hospital on a registration the woman, on what there are the acts certified by the press of treasury. According to these acts, all роддомы received the equal sums, and in the last two years maternity hospital No. 3, according to the standard decision of city council, on one woman received the sum at a rate of some hryvnias bigger, than the first two. This decision was made from - for unsatisfactory conditions of maternity hospital No. 3. So, this year the first and second maternity hospital received on 82 hryvnias on the woman, and maternity hospital No. 3 - 90 hryvnias. Besides the third maternity hospital received additional financing from the regional budget.

According to statements of the chief горздрава, the question of transfer of maternity hospital No. 3 in regional property at session of the City Council was never brought up - there was a question only about its sharing. As for privatization of this building and its transfer to private use, Larisa Yurevna reminded that according to laws of Ukraine, any medical institution of the state sample can't be privatized, sold or leased.

As for Vitaly Latiya's dismissal, the chief горздрава explained that she doesn't pursue the aim to dismiss him, after all under Vitaly Latiya's law it was possible to dismiss even after the first two reprimands, and them at it already seven. Then Larisa Dergunova read position of Ministry of Health "About the chief physician". Duties of the chief physician of maternity hospital among which reception of childbirth and operation weren't specified are fixed in this situation. The chief physician has to be the good business executive, and Vitaly Laty - simply good doctor, at which "hands of gold". But it doesn't cope with a position of the chief physician as the maternity hospital is in an unsatisfactory state.

In response to it women didn't sustain and started shouting that they want to give birth only at Latiya, and one of them told the example from life. In 1975 she gave birth in the first maternity hospital. Childbirth was difficult childbirth, but the child was born healthy, and then on third day died because of doctors. It put in reanimation, and after an extract advised not to become pregnant any more and not to give birth. The woman addressed to different doctors while the destiny didn't bring together her with Vitaly Laty. After its professional treatment she became pregnant and gave birth to the healthy child. Therefore it and many other women who know Vitaly Vladimirovich, will protect his all life.

Then the chief physician of maternity hospital No. 1 Evgeny Volokhov asked protesters for what they came: to protect maternity hospital or its chief physician. Women couldn't explain the position, they were interrupted by Anatoly Prikhodko supposedly already and a lot of time is so spent. In a hall noise was made, women demanded to allow to them to speak but after they weren't given the floor, they left from a hall.

Larisa Dergunova summed up meeting:

- Now there is the state act and the passport on the maternity hospital No. 3 property right. According to these documents, neither the maternity hospital building, nor chambers or even a simple corridor can't be taken away from it. The third maternity hospital remains city property, and Vitaly Laty - his chief physician.

It seems that war for maternity hospital No. 3 will proceed …


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