Roman Zabzalyuk: BYuT did everything possible that the parliament existed and worked effectively

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The head of the BYuT Nikolaev regional organization Roman Zabzalyuk commented on a today's political situation in Ukraine:

"I would like to focus public attention what exactly Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc did everything possible that the parliament existed and worked effectively, and confirmed it with specific actions. In particular - adequately I reacted to inadequate behavior of the Our Ukraine block and its management. After all V. Kirilenko and R. Zvarych, acting on behalf of all fraction, being a loud-hailer of the Guarantor and his tool, exposed certain conditions for BYuT concerning restoration of the democratic coalition. We were ready almost to do anything concessions, even considered categorical wishes of our partners in work in the Verkhovna Rada. But the adequate answer didn't receive. Unfortunately, the head of NUNS fraction declared that he has more important questions which need to be solved behind walls of the Verkhovna Rada. And therefore negotiations at a round table repeatedly broke due to the lack of mister Kirilenko. At the same time we emphasize that we remain on the position: early elections or dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada are inappropriate today. We establish the fact that today the higher authority in the state, I mean the President, sees a situation on - to the, and it is a position is opposite to vision and the relation to the matter of the population of Ukraine.

Today BYuT does everything possible to preserve parliament, to restore the coalition. Including we addressed to Blok of Litvin with the offer to enter into the updated democratic coalition. But again - from - for intrigues Bank Blok of Litvin took a neutral position and obviously agrees that in Ukraine there will take place parliamentary elections. Litvin's Blok's exit from negotiation process undoubtedly is connected with personnel divergences. Not a secret that Blok of Litvin during negotiations concerning revival of the coalition expressed opinion that their predstaivtel will occupy a chair of the speaker what V. Kirilenko so categorically opposed. Using this situation, negotiations were broken. Also are broken, I emphasize, representatives WELL".


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