A. Garkusha and V. Lusta met the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko

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Today, on October 13 the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko met chairmen of the regional state administrations.

Among the main subjects which were discussed at a meeting, - holding snap elections in the Verkhovna Rada and financial stability in Ukraine. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional state administration.

At the beginning of a meeting Victor Yushchenko reminded that on October 10, after the official publication, the Decree "About the Early Termination of Powers of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VI Convocation and Purpose of Snap Elections" gained validity.

"All of us with you are responsible for normal elections, providing, including, is material - technical and organizational work", - Victor Yushchenko told.

The president noted an invariance of the position: snap elections are though radical, but the constitutional and democratic way of overcoming of crisis. Citizens have to give to work of parliament of the VI convocation an assessment.

Victor Yushchenko estimated attempts to block electoral process - today it does BYuT - as at least irresponsible steps, and the real reason of blocking called fear to leave to the voter.

In such situation when separate political forces systemically force a panic, the President addressed to the heads YEAH with an assignment to provide both political, and economic stability on places.

"I ask not to give in on one provocation. Your mission as president's team, my team to keep under control a situation in the region entrusted you", - the President told.

He called chairmen of the regional state administrations for the coordinated actions and team work, and also understanding of special responsibility which is conferred on them at present.

Speaking about complication in bank and financial sectors of Ukraine, the President noted that "the weak budgetary policy" the governments became one of the reasons of it.

He noted that today the state institutions have to take the consolidated position and until the end of this week to offer the general plan of actions for minimization of influence on the Ukrainian market of world financial crisis. "The National Bank, the government, a banking system have to come until the end of this week to the concrete plan of action where everyone does the work", - the President told.

At a meeting with the President of Ukraine there was also a delegation from the Nikolaev area which was headed by the governor of the Nikolaev area A. Garkusha. Also, at a meeting with the President was present vice-the governor V. Lusta who directs today the regional organization "Uniform Center".


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