The Nikolaev summer residents picketed речвокзал

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Completion of passenger navigation was marked on October 13 by picket on the rechvokzal of members of gardening associations who reach on the dachas on "Gardens" a water transport.

Someone from them heard that the only type of transport available to them - the Chestnut-20 motor ship - is on sale (or it is already sold), and, therefore, next year they should reach the фазенд minibuses.

Therefore elderly summer residents decided to call to account the chief Nikolayevsky речпорта Vladimir Serbinov and the mayor Vladimir Chaika - let will tell why at pensioners and veterans of the Great Patriotic War selected become native the motor ship.

However, from the conceived picket the meeting of summer residents with the chief речпорта V. Serbinov and the head of department of transport Gennady Ivanov (the mayor couldn't be present at a meeting), during which officials tried to give fuller and irrefragable answers on questions of elderly nikolayevets turned out.

News the first: "The chestnut-20" isn't sold and isn't on sale, V. Serbinov reported. And G. Ivanov assured summer residents that the city power never will coordinate речпорту motor ship sale. Besides, after communication with summer residents the chief речпорта promised to pensioners that this weekend - on October 18 and 19 - "The Chestnut-20", despite completion of navigation, still will work that summer residents could transport a crop and deliver a landing material (saplings).

But on it pleasant news, perhaps, also come to an end, whether as passenger navigation in May of the next year will begin, Vladimir Serbinov couldn't tell.

Reasons for this purpose a little. Nikolaev речпорт is JSC Ukrrechflot subsidiary, i.e. not the state company which is obliged to provide unprofitable services for it. Especially as the company management, according to V. Serbinov, delivered to all the divisions and subsidiaries a condition - profitable work.

For now "the Chestnut-20" profitable it is impossible to call work.

For today the city authorities, in compliance with signed with rechporty the contract for transportation of the preferential contingent, ran into debt 71 thousand for a current navigation season.UAH. As G. Ivanov explained, the means planned in the city budget (100 thousand UAH), are already paid, and here this debt is means which had to arrive in the area of the state subvention, but didn't arrive. Also it isn't known, whether will arrive, considering the upcoming snap parliamentary elections.

In addition to this 71-й one thousand речпорту needs 350 thousand more UAH - on pro-docking "the Chestnut-20" as that is demanded by the register (and the register demands that pro-docking was carried out each 5 years, and this year term just approached).

Certainly, this money to a contango would be simple to be allocated from the earned means if "the Chestnut-20" earned means, instead of I spent. After all even in the contract with the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the sum at the rate of salary payments to vessel and fuel crew only on Saturdays and Sundays is put down, and the maintenance of team in other days of the week lays down on речпорт, V. Serbinov told.

Proposals of pensioners on payment from their pocket of maintenance costs and operation of the motor ship as the chief речпорта rejected as frivolous: at most, on which summer residents agreed, is 2 UAH for a trip of one person, and by contango calculations that work "the Chestnut-20" was profitable, the ticket has to cost 18,25 UAH. Certainly, and in Soviet period journey in river transport was 3-4 times more expensive, than journey by bus (it was remembered by summer residents), but the prices then were unlike more attractive also podjemny to people on deserved rest.

Summer residents and rechportovets left after the chief Nikolayevskogo речпорта V. Serbinov promised to make all calculations the next year that work "the Chestnut-20" was profitable. It is important, but the main thing that compensation for operation of the motor ship was received rechporty in full. Then summer residents among whom mainly people elderly, won't be nervous, and will derive only pleasure from communication with the nature on the fazendakh.


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