Ukraine - the country of the advanced corruption

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Didn't exist yet such power which would be free from corruption. It existed at Hammurapi, Caesar, Yaroslav the Wise, at Robespierre and even at military communism. Corruption became the card of also Ukrainian power. But the Ukrainian power wants to fight and says that knows as.


According to the international research "Barometer of Corruption 2007", Ukraine got to the second group of the countries on level of distribution of corruption of five allocated. Together with Ukraine among the countries where level of prevalence of corruption "below" makes 18-32%, there were Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Greece, India, Indonesia, Moldova, Peru, Serbia. For comparison: in the majority of EU countries the corresponding indicator of corruption doesn't exceed 2-5%, that is it is 6 times less. About what European integration of Ukraine thus can there be a speech? Unless about integration with the next Moldova.

By results of research, courts and legal system as a whole are most corrupted in Ukraine, as one would expect. The second "honourable" place is taken by legislative and executive bodies of the power, including parliament. On the third - tax. Then, on the fourth, medicine and education. Business closes the five of the corrupted parade.

The state, certainly, continued fights against corruption. But today about 70% of Ukrainians consider public funds of fight inefficient. And only 18% believe that within two next years corruption will decrease. The last indicator is even more eloquent against 38% of Ukrainians who are sure that level of corruption not only won't decrease, and will grow further.


You remember an old saying: to whom war, and to whom?. Instability of a political regime not only doesn't prevent to build corruption schemes, but also allows to increase sharply their profitability at the expense of a market rise in price of corresponding "services". For example, the local "oiled" official can replace at any time, so, he has to receive for itself(himself) "insurance" from each bribe moreover an extra charge for efficiency.The most highly paid is parliamentary and judicial corruption. According to "KS" sounded by BYuT, in 2006 for an exit of the deputy of BP from fraction paid from 2 to 10 million dollars. Places in party lists in parliament were on sale for 5 million dollars. Now we will pass from big-time politics to Kiev. Place through passage in Kiyevsovet in the spring of 2006 - "all" 1 million dollars.

At such quotations infinite early elections turn into very good source of profit. For example, at the average cost of election campaign in 20 million dollars the fraction collecting 20% of votes in parliament, is the winner, having sold even five places in part of the list through passage. If the share of the sold places reaches realistic figure in 20-30%, net income of the marked party from elections will pass for 100 million dollars! Well as here to a party top of parliamentary fractions not to work by the sweat of the brow for new snap elections? After all it is more favorable, and the main thing, simpler and business - the project is more practical than any smart. In Kiev profitability of elections 10 times less, but the assessment of net profit too turns out decent - 5-10 million dollars.


To the Ukrainian judges not to keep up with fantastic arithmetics of electoral projects. They by the suvorovsky principle take not number, and ability. For the necessary decision on the land question the dachshund of a certain percent from the real cost of the land plot is raised. The bribe can make to 5% of cost of a titbit of the Ukrainian earth. If the earth with real estate which "client" wants to catch, costs 20 million dollars, the judge will need "to roll away" 1 million dollars. If Ostap Bender lived presently, he would train for a new profession not in house managers, and in the judge …

Each case of jurisprudence demands from the bribe-taker in a cloak of an individual approach, but some minimum quotations of "scale of charges" of bribes nevertheless are available. Most cheaper to impose temporary arrest property or into the firm account - the competitor. In Kiev, depending on a business rezonansnost, it costs from 5 thousand dollars and above. And here to eliminate the director of the disputable enterprise, not to let it on a workplace, having replaced with the figurehead, is already more expensive - from 10-15 thousand dollars. On the special account of the decision of economic and district courts of the capital, they the most expensive in Ukraine. For example, only for that business was accepted to consideration, interested party should fork up on 5 thousand dollars.The basic principle of determination of the sum of a bribe share - 5-10% of the question price. By the way, to begin trade, future judge has to fork up too - to pay for a lucrative post. In district court of Kiev region it is 30-35 thousand dollars. In district court of Kiev - 50 thousand


In higher education institutions with a large number of pupils the "shadow" income too can be very considerable. In prestigious higher education institutions of the capital by a state order it is necessary to pay for receipt not less than one - two costs of the annual contract, these are some thousands of dollars. Ten such entrants - and at the dean appears the new car. The rector, without taking direct part in work of selection committees, at the expense of "taxation" of bribe takers can collect the sum in 3-5 times more. In provincial higher education institutions in a selection committee of such money you won't earn, but the sessional harvest season proceeds much more actively (less control "from above" and requirements to prestige of the diploma). Offset costs to the careless student from 50 to 100 UAH, дифзачет-100-150 UAH

Examination will cost not less than 200 UAH. Course and the diploma too it is possible to buy for quite acceptable sum - from 100 UAH to 300 dollars (it if needs to be made quickly the master diploma). Naturally, and theses can be ordered. Candidate will manage in some "pieces of greens", and doctor's - is twice more expensive, apart from auxiliary expenses on thanks, "магарычи", publications in profile editions and the Highest certifying commission of Ukraine. Total - 5 thousand c.u. for "candidate of science" and 10 thousand for lime "doctor".


Special article is receiving by doctors of money from patients for rendering free medical care. As the doctor - not the official, it it is impossible to consider as a bribe, i.e. malfeasance, and it is necessary to qualify only as official offense. But how many argue on reduction of public financing of health care - from transformation of medicine into favorable business of some doctors profiting on human sufferings, you won't wave away.

The businessman too needs to fork up quicker to find a common language with representatives of tax inspection and other power structures. Especially small business suffers. The businessman has to pay for registration on the average about 100 dollars, for obtaining the license - from several honeycombs to several thousand dollars.

The bribery prospers even at high school.Actually, there us also accustom for the first time to that everything on light is on sale and bought. The main thing - to know the price and to find the correct approach. Thanks to such installation the bribe given bathroom equipment, to the foreman, a pasportistka, the bank employee, the doctor etc., already is considered not violation of the law, and remuneration due to them for "work".


The catastrophic situation with distribution of corruption roused the previous president to creation of Anti-corruption committee. Judging by practical results, overall performance of this body was unconvincing, and at the beginning of 2000-x the uncontrollable growth of level of corruption began at all.

In 2004 "orange" declared power clarification from corruption of one of main objectives of "pomaranchevy revolution". But didn't pass also years as in September 2005-го the country became the witness of a juicy scandal - oppositions the prime minister - the minister Tymoshenko with the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council and in combination the presidential godfather Pyotr Poroshenko. One of scandal characters the former Secretary of State Alexander Zinchenko at the end of 2005 took the initiative of creation of a certain "independent" body - public anti-corruption committee with uncertain functions and powers. Then very few people paid attention to this offer.

In the spring of 2008 under a drumbeat of coming nearer elections the main political forces promise electorate to crush again a hydra of corruption. The President Victor Yushchenko initiating creation of anti-corruption bureau and acceptance of a number of laws on fight against corruption in authorities became the main person involved in anti-corruption campaign. The rhetoric of the President is issued by the National Security and Defense Council decision of April 21, 2008 in which, in particular, it is recommended to accelerate work of BP on new laws, to create new anti-corruption body and to oblige Cabinet of Ministers to execute in full the presidential plan of action under the pretentious name "On a Way to Dobroporya — Accuracy".

In practice a main goal of fight against corruption - to receive control over anti-corruption bureau. The president expects to use this body for blackmail of political opponents and for extraordinary redistribution of powers in favor of the Secretariat together with the National Security and Defense Council. - patronage of bureau is favorable to transfer Lutsenko to security officers. Tymoshenko will counteract them both in BP, and by submission of hypothetical anti-corruption body to the Cabinet.The equity stake in JSC Anti-corruption Committee will want to receive and regionals. The anti-corruption bureau is necessary for all to protect the corrupt officials and "to kill" strangers. After all politicians are going to fight not against corruption system, and with competitors for the right to use this system in own interests.


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