In Ukraine since November oil products

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The government of Ukraine and petrotraders agreed about decrease in retail prices for light oil products since November 1 on the 40th cop/l. About it on a press - conferences were reported by the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko, the correspondent of RBC - Ukraine reports. According to Yu. Tymoshenko, the corresponding agreement was reached today at meeting with petrotraders. "Thus the prices will fall further also that till December 1, 2008 decrease in retail prices for all light oil products made 1 UAH/l", - told to Yu. Tymoshenko. According to her, in exchange the government promised to petrotraders assistance in return of debt on the VAT. In turn, the Public tax administration and petrotraders will develop the schedule of return of this debt.

Earlier the Minister of Economics Bogdan Danilishin, speaking at meeting with petrotraders, I noted that at that decrease in the world prices for oil which already happened, oil products in Ukraine have to fall in price for 30%.

According to Ministry of Economics, in October of this year the prices of producers of DT fell by 4,8%, on A95 gasoline - for 7,4%. Retail prices for the specified period decreased by 2,3% and 2,1% respectively.

In this regard, by calculations of Ministry of Economics, A76 and A80 petrol price in Ukraine can decrease from present 5,29 UAH/l to 5,08-5,24 UAH/l, on A95 - from 5,8 UAH/l to 5,55-5,64 UAH/l, B. Danilishin noted. He also emphasized that the prices of DT in Ukraine most close correspond to the expected value, the calculated Ministries of Economics: 6,16-6,36 UAH for liter.

Today Yu. Tymoshenko declared that prices of oil products in Ukraine don't correspond to market tendencies. She emphasized that in comparison with June the world prices for oil fell in October with 147 to 59 dollars/barrel. Thus, the prices of diesel fuel had to fall in comparison with June peak values from 7 - 3,5 UAH/l, and on A-95 gasoline with 6 - to 3 UAH/l, the prime minister believes.

In too time, actually the prices fell to 6,1 UAH/l on DT and to 5,25 UAH/l on A-95 gasoline. "The government can't explain such position. Then let speak that our market is filled with exclusive structures and that AMKU stays idle", - she emphasized.

"Therefore we gathered today here to find out why there was such situation to make the schedule of reduction of prices that we knew that since November 1 there will be that price about which we here will solve today", - the prime minister noted.


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