The Chernovitsky ordered to raise tariffs by 10 times. Deputies agreed

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The Kiev city council charged to the Kiev city public administration to raise tariffs on zhilishchno - utilities for the commercial enterprises.

61 deputies Kiyevsoveta voted for such decision at necessary 61.

In particular, 43 deputies voted for this decision from fraction of the Block of Leonid Chernovetsky, 3 - from fraction of the Block of Litvin, 6 - from fraction of the Civil Asset of Kiev Block, 5 - from fraction of Party of Regions and 3 extra fractional deputies.

I made Kiyevsovet's such decision at the initiative of the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky after couldn't make the decision on increase of tariffs on жилкоммуслуги for all categories of consumers: population, budgetary organizations and commercial enterprises.

In particular, economic validity of tariffs was studied by Kiyevsovet's working group which offered deputies the draft decision on increase of tariffs to economically reasonable level.

After deputies discussed about one and a half hours this project, the chairman of fraction of the Block of Chernovetsky Denis Komarnitsky made the offer not to consider this decision in general as in it there are no guarantees of social security of needy inhabitants of Kiev whom increase of tariffs most will affect.

During vote for the draft decision on an order of administration to raise tariffs for all consumers 9 deputies voted for it only at necessary 61.

After that Chernovetsky came to a sessional hall and by ear made the offer to vote for its project which provides an order of administration to raise tariffs for the commercial enterprises by 10 times.

Chernovitsky also I assured deputies that it isn't necessary to raise tariffs for the population, and to transfer burden of payments to legal entities, having thus differentiated tariffs for them depending on their profitability.


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