The Nikolaev boxer Sergey Derevyanchenko artificially "threw out" from the National team?

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Within preparation of the National team on boxing to the European championship, at Sergey Derevyanchenko, the participant of the Olympic Games, during inspection in one of medical institutions of the city of Nikolaev small deviations being able zheludochno - an intestinal path were found.

After the doctor of the boxing national team of Ukraine learned about results of inspection, Sergey sent to be treated home. Though this diagnosis influenced a physical condition of the athlete a little. Confirmed a normal physical state of the boxer and repeated inspection in Alushta. This positive diagnosis didn't please the trainer of the National team, after all it already drew the conclusions supposedly at Sergey gastric bleeding. And as a result Derevyachenko was deducted from the national team of Ukraine.

The similar decision of the senior trainer Dmitry Sosnovskogo very much surprised our athlete. The opinion of the trainer didn't exchange and after presentation of the reference on confirmation of a normal physical state of Sergey from the Ukrainian center of sports medicine of the Ministry of health protection. However Sosnovsky agreed that Sergey for confirmation of the fighting capacity carried out a control sparring with one of applicants for a trip to England.

"We refused this battle, - the trainer of the boxer Sergey Korchinsky tells, - after all this training fight could damage both athletes and in plans for training collecting to preparation for the European championship this sparring isn't planned".

After long trials, the president of federation of boxing of Ukraine Vladimir Prodius sent Sergey Derevyanchenko in independent Ukrainian - German the gastroenterologichesky center where already on October 27 by results of inspection the conclusion which said was issued to the boxer: "Pathologies from digestive organs it isn't revealed".

"At present I don't know who so artificially threw out Sergey from the national team, - Sergey Korchinsky speaks, - such there was no Soviet period even in a post. I am afraid that it can influence further development of the Olympic Movement in Nikolaev".

Today, Sergey perfectly feels, once a day continues to train, and the main starts of the next year notes - the championship of Ukraine and the World Cup.


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