Brothers Klyuev became owners of 70% of actions of "Prominvestbank"

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People's Deputies from Party of Regions, brothers Sergey and Andrey Klyuev became owners of 70% of actions of "Prominvestbank" (PIB) and plan it to sanify with the consent of National Bank, having appointed the chairman of the board ex-the head "Indeks - bank" I.Frantskevich. The Businessman reports about it - Ukraine" ".

Within two weeks it has to provide the accurate plan of sanitation and carry out bank recapitalization. After that the National Bank will bring temporary administration out of PIB and will remove the moratorium on implementation of requirements of creditors.

One of applicants for purchase of "Prominvestbank" reported that brothers Klyuev "received free of charge" 50% of stocks PIB. Thus the source in National Bank noted that brothers Klyuev took control of larger equity stake. "Investors who 70% of actions" own appeared in the telegram from internal mail of PIB ". In the document it is noted that the new structure of the supervisory board and board to which position of head Igor Frantskevich" is offered is formed, - he told.

Press - the secretary of PIB Svetlana Kushnir reported that the interim administrator Vladimir Krotyuk already presented ex-the chairman of the board "Indeks - bank" and "Raiffeisenbank Ukraine" I.Frantskevich as first deputy chairman of the board of PIB, and yesterday it got down to work.

The National Bank appointed temporary administration in PIB, discharged of fulfillment of duties its management and entered the semi-annual moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors on October 7 of this year. Owners of PIB - Matviyenko's family - and representatives of NBU called the reason of introduction of temporary administration raider attack to establishment after which investors of PIB began to remove in large quantities deposits, and the National Bank was compelled to give out it a credit line on 5 billion UAH. Matviyenko's family looks for two months the strategic investor, having employed for PIB sale two investment banks.

The source in NBU reported that the duty is assigned to I.Frantskevich together with the interim administrator to make the plan of sanitation of PIB. According to the source, it is planned to carry out a press - conference and to declare the transaction, and brothers Klyuev will have to carry out additional issue of actions before removal of temporary administration."As they will raise bank liquidity, I don't know because there was secret information that the government will allocate to Oshchadbank and "Ukreksimbank" 1 billion UAH for which they will redeem new shares of PIB, - the official told. - I think, later the National Bank will refinance still PIB. According to the most conservative estimates, on it it is necessary not less than 10 billion UAH".

At the same time, NBU declares purchase by the strategic investor who isn't disclosed, 68% of actions of JSC Prominvestbank. NBU reports that on November 3, 2008 "the new strategic investor raised a claim for possession and management of essential part of actions (68%) JSC Aktsionernogo of commercial industrially investment bank ("Prominvestbank") and actually became the main owner of bank".

Registration of the rights of the new owner is carried out in the order established by the legislation. At the same time, the package of measures on financial improvement of bank by which introduction in bank of means in the sum which completely renews its solvency and liquidity within one month is provided is presented to the interim administrator, the vice-chairman of NBU Vladimir Krotyuk who was appointed according to the resolution NBU on October 7, 2008. Also until the end of the current year "Prominvetbank" recapitalization will be carried out, and as a result of its authorized capital will grow more than by 5 times.

Measures of the interim administrator and the new owner of bank are completely coordinated by NBU board.

The interim administrator according to regulations of board of NBU and the current legislation (in particular Art. 78 of the law of Ukraine "About banks and bank activity") within 5 days will create new governing bodies of "Prominvestbank", namely: supervisory board and board.

After that, according to the current legislation and standardly legal acts of National bank of Ukraine, activity of Joint-stock commercial industrially investment bank comes back to a usual mode of functioning.

Earlier it was reported that on October 23 signing of the agreement on purchase of "Prominvestbank" (PIB) by the co-owner of Delta bank Nikolay Lagun who, according to statements of the sources close to the transaction, acts in Victor Pinchuk and Dmitry Firtash's interests has to take place of this year.

According to National Bank, for July 1, 2008."Prominvestbank" among 178 banks took 6-е a place on assets (27,539 billion UAH) with authorized capital of 200,175 million UAH, own capital of 2,8 billion UAH, obligations of 21,876 billion UAH, including means of natural persons made 11,989 billion UAH (4-е a place), legal - 10,564 billion UAH (3-е).

We will remind, on October 20 the National Security and Defense Council refused "Prominvestbank" nationalization. Nationalization of bank was considered as one of options of improvement of its critical financial condition. Sale to the strategic investor was other option.


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