Simulators. Requiem

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Simulators … They imitate everything - policy, the power, life.

The spent whole states on passing, creeping, filtering into the Principal Legislative Organ, having provided itself and the families on for the rest of the life comfortable existence, having erected for five years round itself an inviolability board. They exist separately from all. In heart-rending desire to justify for itself the events, to justify not to survive and to live: to go for work to Rada, to raise children or grandsons, to eat, drink and sleep, smile, to love, quietly to look in the face another, - to have this opportunity and the right for it, the modern simulator from policy becomes devilishly inventive: he looks for and … finds the events reasons. In "the rotted-through old power", in not managed to be protected from ill-wishers of the new power, in electorate, not to that and not that given the votes and you never know in what …"

I wrote these lines exactly two years ago in article under the name "Simulators". You remember, what was two years ago? And a year ago? And in it, a past, Sunday? Elections. Again elections. Expectation of elections. Preparation for elections. To us speak: elections it is good, all of them will change. All will begin to live better and more cheerfully. We are waited by Europe and NATO. And gas will be cheap, and the prices will be low …

All this time the country operated and continue it to do simulators. At all levels. Any snap elections in Ukraine didn't lead to reformatting of system of the power. That, for what people go to give the votes, doesn't bring results. But bear sad fruits absolutely unclear, from the point of view of human, I emphasize - human, logicians infinite "dismantlings" between yesterday's allies. The Kiev elections distinctly showed - people, actually, think and do something at all as political strategists think, whose services are paid, generally - that, from an our pocket. And I am convinced that attempts to drag the bills concerning early elections of mayors of several cities including Nikolaev, will end with the same through parliament, than ended re-elections in the capital. Politicians can't do by hostages of the ambitions of simple people. It is considered an axiom.To subject not less, it occurs constantly, and the farther, the it is more. And people started reacting adequately. To spite. And it already tendencies.

The patience of people has borders, and people perfectly understand that behind all beautiful slogans and promises there are strangers partiyno - businessovy interests. Understand, not alien, namely strangers! And when party functionaries start shouting at the top of the voice about bribery of voters, about black technologies, etc., the people understand that it only a fight of wolves in own pack for a tasty sugar stone. There is such joke: in total there is a lot of, and it isn't enough of all therefore all also doesn't suffice to all. The people speak, as though, to itself: and than I am worse? Why not to take the same 100 hryvnias for a tick in the bulletin? Parties earn dividends at the expense of the people, at the expense of the people build the illusive future, and it is impossible for us? They can imitate, so love and care, and to us on hundred hryvnias - in any way?

And meanwhile, if to speak seriously, the tendency put in the Kiev elections, can lead to emergence in the power, in any case, at the level of the local councils, very unpleasant politicians. Probably, very few people noticed, but nearly 3% of votes in Kiyevsovet collected IN O. Tyagnybok's "Freedom", known for the radical nationalist views. In the Crimea, for example, spread pro-Russian and крымско - the Tatar movements, not less radical. Or the recent fact of a ban known to all Ukraine in the miner's capital, however, today this decision is cancelled by the Donetsk City Council of further expansion of the Ukrainian schools. You know why it occurs? Yes because all spheres of life of the country are so politicized that already to go in for economy and there are nobody. Sale of plants is not economy, and one thousand hryvnias of old deposits is also not economy. I any more don't speak about a sharing of the municipal earth from which transfer to any "good" people - to deputies, city budgets get paid real peanuts.

Simulators from the policy, considering "guides of the nation", in waste of political fight can come to be once on a history roadside, and on their places from all cracks yesterday's outcasts - nationalists - chauvinists will get and will imitate again love for the country and to the people. How to you such scenario? And it is quite possible.

Probably, people will understand, sometime, that anybody won't protect them, except them. Anybody will give nothing to them. And anybody, with rare exception, won't explain to them that the today's system of the power is a continuous imitation. In total.And while the people won't believe in own forces and won't start creating the presents, instead of under a roof of the next party, public organizations, associations, it will act as the permanent victim.

When our life will be left by simulators, anybody doesn't know. Probably through one - two generations. Probably, earlier … I think that "children of Independence", that is those to whom now for 17 years and which in a year will acquire the right to vote, will face the same problems because their parents still well remember great simulators of the Soviet Union, well know the first simulators of independent Ukraine and the present politicians so diligently adopting experience that, great. Unfortunately, while it at them not bad turns out …


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