Deputies allowed a zoo to sell "excess" animals

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Permission to sale of several animals was got by the Nikolaev zoo from deputies of city council. Such decision was made at recent session. And, living things in documents are registered precisely "municipal property".

"Usually we have a need to realize one - two young animals who are much, - the leading livestock specialist Ekaterina Belikova explains. - Young growth we have the right to sell without the permission of session. However some old animals whom it is necessary where - that to put because they become dangerous to the relatives collected lately. Mainly it is males who compete among themselves, fight, spoil a fencing, threaten young growth. Last year from the city power we didn't get such permission so this year the list turned out impressive. For example, kangaroos - in one open-air cage live in it the father and three his sons, they constantly have skirmishes.

It is necessary to sell also a domestic horse: two stallions also constantly fight.

Aguti whom call still "humpbacked hares", is in a cage to ten. They don't get on among themselves, many go with the bald peeled backs after numerous fights.

Polecat from family of the marten - the truck - absolutely old, it too - the candidate for sale.

It is necessary to get rid and of animals for which contents not a lot of place is taken. Not so long ago there was even a tragedy: in a close cage David's deer pinned up a female, now it will be hard for us to find it replacement. And now the male undermines a blind area in the open-air cage and can quite run out for a fencing.

Actually for employees of a zoo all described facts present great difficulties therefore the issue with a pristroystvo of animals needs to be resolved as soon as possible", - Ekaterina Belikova is sure.

Sometimes there are wishing to buy an animal, only employees of a zoo can't dispose of "municipal property" without the knowledge of people's deputies. However, now "good" is received, and zoo "brawlers" soon will have new owners.


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