In Nikolaev opened a monument to the outstanding shipbuilder Yury Makarov

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Today, on November 7, the memorial monument to the former director general of the Black Sea shipbuilding plant Yury Makarov was open. The monument was established in the square which bears a name of this great shipbuilder who has made a lot of things for Nikolaev. The decision on opening of this monument was made by executive committee of city council a year ago. But it was succeeded to raise funds for its construction only now though work on a monument began even last summer.

At a ceremonial opening of a monument were present not only employees of plant, relatives and Yury Makarov's friends, but also representatives of the city power. The Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika, the head of a regional council Tatyana Demchenko, the deputy head of an obgosadministration Vladimir Lusta, the People's Deputy of Ukraine Nikolay Kruglov, and also the deputy of regional council Alexander Sadykov came to pay a tribute to the memory of known nikolayevets.

"Long time I finished Yury Makarov supposedly give a billeting the square in your honor. It refused, why to me during lifetime the square, - Vladimir Chaika told. - After his death we built the square, planted trees, arranged well it. Now here, and a monument we open. It was the great person who was an inspirer, the creator and the head".

Tatyana Demchenko congratulated all present on a holiday and noted that opening of a monument to outstanding people is always a bright event in city life. "And Yury Makarov knew everywhere, he made much for development of shipbuilding and our city. It did a great job", - the head of a regional council declared.

The deputy governor Vladimir Lusta added to these words that "memory of this person always lives, and will live in our hearts".

According to the mayor Vladimir Chaika, work in the square is yet complete. By May 9 of sleduyeshchy year in the square will have to install also the fountain, benches, and also to construct a playground and to carry out lighting.The total cost of all project makes 1,2 million UAH, the part from these means is already enclosed by the Nikolaev enterprises including ChSZ, and the part (160 thousand UAH) was allocated from the regional budget.

Reference:After the institute termination Yury Makarov settled to work at ChSZ which headed in 1979, having passed a way from the assistant to the master to the director general of plant. Under the leadership of Yu. I. Makarov it was constructed more than 500 civil, fishery, scientifically - research vessels, the military ships. Among them - the heavy aircraft carrying cruisers "Minsk", "Baku", "Admiral of Fleet Kuznetsov", fishing "Mayakovsky" trawlers, "the Pulkovsky meridian", scientifically - research - "Academician Knipovich", the "Academician Sergey Korolyov", the first military ship of independent Ukraine - "Slavutich". Yury Makarov - the academician of Academy of engineering sciences of Ukraine, the Honourable citizen of Nikolaev, is awarded the order by "For Merits" of the III degree, an award of October Revolution, an award of the Labour Red Banner.


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