Result of session of the City Council: "Nikolayevknige" will be sold by rooms, and V. Bolotny remains at the position

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Today, on November 11, at City Council session deputies again returned to consideration of a question of sale to the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevkniga" of rooms which it rents.

The first vice-the mayor the first went to approach. According to him, last time by consideration of a question there were many unaccounted moments in this connection there was a conflict situation. The question of sale of rooms was transferred. He declared and that dismissed the head of department of municipal property from a post. And even for the second day 29-й sessions Seagull I confirmed the words that Bolotny is dismissed. Probably, not for nothing last time many didn't believe in Bolotnego's dismissal. And correctly made. This time Yury Granaturov explained that before taking out a question of sale of rooms of "Nikolayevknigi", Bolotny had to inform the mayor and his first deputies information on how "Nikolayevkniga" fulfills the state requirements in branches of book publishing and some other.

- Taking into account that this information wasn't sounded, and there was a decision on a temporary suspension of the order of the mayor. And also an inspection to which it is established … is carried out, - further Granaturov told, as far as "Nikolayevkniga" "warm and fuzzy": and the range at them more than 50 thousand names of books, also cooperates the enterprises with more than 300 publishing houses, and its revenue makes more than 400 thousand UAH a month. But the most important - the shots of which professionalism it is possible to be proud are kept. Also Granaturov noted that the management allocated about 75 thousand UAH that made more than 25% of the residual cost of the rooms which are in rent for improvement of a condition of rooms of "Nikolayevknigi". And that allegedly the management of "Nikolayevknigi" provided all documents necessary for repayment. But all trouble that, according to Granaturov, the head of department of municipal property Vitaly Bolotny didn't share in time it (that is - the provided documents) personally with the mayor, neither with one of the merovskikh of deputies, nor with architecture management.

According to Granaturov, Bolotny was dismissed by the mayor in a temper, "because fog wasn't dispelled".It was necessary to understand that Yury Isayevich assumed this sacred mission which the offer followed deputies to return to consideration of a question of "Nikolayevknige's" sale of rooms rented by it.

Then there came "hour of triumph" of Vitaly Bolotnego. Judging by a shivering voice, this hour hardly was given it. Several times from a tribune he apologized personally to the mayor, to his deputies and to all depuy corps. Whether there was it frank repentance of mister Bolotnego or beautifully planned scenario of those persons for which the municipal property is similar to a pot of gold, it is necessary to guess only. Generally, on postdock the mayor once again scolded Bolotnego, having let know that next time to descent will be to nobody. Thus, Bolotny remains at the position, and the question of sale of rooms of "Nikolayevknigi" will finally be resolved within three days when the decision made by deputies, Vladimir Chaika will have to sign. We will specify: sale of rooms can be carried out on condition of preservation of a profile of the enterprise within 10 years.

By the way, the deputy Evgenia Bondarenko suggested not to change the Nikolayevknigi profile of the whole 49 years that sincerely amused Vladimir Chaika, and on a hall the laughter wave swept. As they say, "after us the deluge".

That is interesting, for sale of "Nikolayevknigi" BYuT fraction didn't vote, considering that it would be possible to discuss a question of decrease in a rent and thus to consider, how many rooms the enterprise leases in sublease. But them didn't hear.


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