The Verkhovna Rada dismissed Yatsenyuk

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The Verkhovna Rada supported the resolution No. 3351 "About a response of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine", brought by the deputy from Party of Regions Vladislav Lukyanov. 233 deputies voted for the relevant decision (PR - 175, BYuT - 1, WELL - NANOSECOND - 10, KPU - 27, Blok of Litvin - 20).

In compliance with the resolution, Arseniy Yatsenyuk is withdrawn from a position of the speaker "in connection with numerous and rough violations of Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine". The document comes into force from the moment of its acceptance.

The decision was made by open roll-call vote by means of Rada system. Meeting instead of A.Yatsenyuk conducts the first vice-the speaker Alexander Lavrinovich.

Before vote of BP I adopted the resolution No. 3351-P "About definition of a look and a way of vote at a response and election of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine". By the document is established that the decision on a response of the chairman of BP and election of the new speaker is accepted by open roll-call vote at plenary session. 231 deputies voted for the relevant decision (PR - 174, BYuT - 1, WELL - NANOSECOND - 9, KPU - 27, Blok of Litvin - 20).

We will note that earlier deputies from BYuT demanded to vote for resignation of the speaker by bulletins. Trying to break vote by cards, People's Deputies from BYuT put Rada system out of action, however later the staff of BP managed to restore its work. Thus in a bed where there is a management of Rada system there was a fight between "byutovets" and "regionals".

In turn the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko declared that all responsibility for A.Yatsenyuk's dismissal is born by the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko. "It isn't necessary to look for mechanics and plumbers in the Secretariat of the president, it is clear that A.Yatsenyuk's resignation is carried out partially by voices WELL - NANOSECOND that is impossible without V. Yushchenko's direct order. It is a way which the President to early elections since at A.Yatsenyuk BP couldn't make decisions which the President" so wants wants to lay, - I told Yu. Tymoshenko. She emphasized that A.Yatsenyuk's dismissal - "is attempt to hammer the last nail into democratic team and finally to bury idea of a demkoalition".

We will remind, yesterday the Verkhovna Rada couldn't dismiss A.Yatsenyuk. Ballot on this procedure was recognized cancelled as deputies from Party of Regions refused to take in it part. As it was reported, "regionals" insisted on vote on resignation of the speaker by cards.

A.Yatsenyuk was elected the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada on December 4, 2007 on September 16 in day of final disintegration of the parliamentary coalition it declared readiness to leave the post. Next day the speaker declared that resigned.


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