The mayor Chaika really helps citizens or works for public?

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Two weeks ago solemnly opened reconstructed Skorokhodov Street. Now on it go not only trams, but also 25 new minibuses started on two routes.

Then, on a festive event, the red ribbon was cut by the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika. After Vladimir Dmitriyevich's official opening locals who complained that, despite the reconstructed street, there are more many unresolved problems with which, in their opinion, the city authorities urgently have to be engaged surrounded.

Lyubov Bugrina who lives to Skorokhodov's address, 54, can't already solve two years the problem connected with the adjacent territory to the house. It is registered in the apartment since 1971. At once after a festive event the woman managed "to drag" the mayor to herself under windows to show that there is created. Having brought the mayor into place, it asked him only one question: "Well as to you it? " also I showed on a lot of construction and household garbage. To look at V. Chaika it was sick - such long ago nobody saw him.

He suggested the woman to come to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and there to resolve all issues.

According to the woman, everything began in December 2005-го. Then the unknown man, by the form - the bum, adjacent to a balcony and windows of its apartment. I stole a fence which protected the territory

"After that incident we with the husband decided to learn, what cost of a new fence with installation, - Lyubov Petrovna tells. - Counted that it will be at least 1500 hryvnias, naturally, we had no such money. Therefore we asked for the help the city authorities".

After a while the depuy corps allocated a certain sum from budgetary funds for fence restoration. But also this new fence staid not long.

For that time of JSC RAYAGROSTROY which planned house construction down the street Skorokhodov, 56, demolished a fence as, allegedly, it disturbed building of their object.

Representatives of the above-mentioned organization that official documents inhabitants have no house therefore - Jure - this territory is free referred. As a result on the most part of the house adjoining territory construction began.

After that Lyubov Bugrina appealed to court.The woman was sure that justice eventually will triumph. However passed two years, and everything isn't present it.

"It is very heavy to go on all instances, to find documents and two years' judicial proceedings exhausts, - the woman shares. - At me three thick folders with the necessary documents already gathered. The annoying, what even on the most important document don't pay attention - to the missive that since 1968 to ours zhilishchno - to construction cooperative "Nauka" that earth on which part there is now a house No. 56" was allocated.

In some days the woman went to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies where in the Small Hall Vladimir Chaika in the presence of the chief architect of the city Alexander Bondarya and the representative of JSC RAYAGROSTROY Garik Marshak listened to Lyubov Petrovna. After that made the order that by the evening prepared all documents on this construction and brought to it that it was possible to understand in this case.

"Vladimir Dmitriyevich promised that where - that after November 5 already becomes precisely known that will be farther with our territory. Actually many it isn't necessary to me, the main thing that in our country, and in particular, in our city everything was good. And I am sure that the law will be on my party", - Lyubov Bugrina summed up.

We will add that the woman has a hope not only from - for beliefs in justice. According to her, she knows cases when actions against lawlessness came to an end in favor of active people. So, according to Lyubov Petrovna, the similar situation happened and to the wife ex-the deputy governor of the Nikolaev area Sergey Isakov. Then Isakov's spouse wasn't afraid to appeal to court, and justice took the part of the active woman.

Lyubov Bugrina's one more meeting with the mayor was planned for November 5. However when the woman came to reception, Vladimir Chaika told her that at it answers to her questions therefore it postpones their conversation to November 25 are yet ready. It is very a pity that, so zealously having undertaken this business, Vladimir Dmitriyevich already lost fighting enthusiasm. It is necessary to hope that by November 25 the mayor will already find that to answer the townswoman. The next transfer of a meeting will look as time tightening. Well, time will tell ….


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