Deputies of a regional council will ask the Ministry of Education not to deprive licenses institute of I.I. Mechnikov at least until the end of academic year

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Today, on November 21, there takes place the 25th session of the Nikolaev regional council.

As well as previous, this session of a regional council began with picket. By tradition before session near the building Nikolaev picketers were YEAH built, however today them was surprisingly much - about 200 people, generally young people, on - visible, students. Requirements of protesters were consolidated to one: to cancel cancellation of the license Nikolaev uchebno - the ONU scientific institute of I.I. Mechnikov.

We will remind, On November 4 at meeting of the State accreditation commission under the chairmanship of the Minister of Education and Science Ivan Vakarchuk for rough violations of the law about education and license conditions of providing educational services it was decided to deprive of the license Nikolaev uchebno - the ONU scientific institute of I.I. Mechnikov.

To picketers there was personally a head of a regional council Tatyana Demchenko. She declared gathered that the regional council won't leave institute to the mercy of fate and will surely take steps for the solution of problems of students and teaching structure. She invited representatives of protesters to attend session of a regional council and to be convinced of it.

And it is valid, the question about Nikolaevsk uchebno - the ONU scientific institute of I.I. Mechnikov was one of the first questions which deputies discussed at session. At meeting it was told that in 12 years of existence this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION reached good results in scientific and uchebno - the educational sphere, let out many experts. However the decision of the Ministry of Education nullifies all results of long-term work of the teaching and scientific personnel. Besides, there is a problem with further training of students who entered or continued training current academic year, and also with employment of teaching structure of institute.In this regard the decision to prepare and direct the appeal to the Ministry of Education and Science with a request to carry out a repeated inspection of institute and not to deprive license institute at least until the end of academic year was made.

At first deputies suggested to request also in CREWE repeated check financially - economic activity of institute (we will remind what exactly control - auditing management revealed rough violation in activity of this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION). However the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha who is present at session of a regional council, suggested to exclude this point.

He noticed that if CREWE will carry out repeated check of institute, it will find there even more violations, than before. "If we send there to CREWE, we "will simply dig" this educational institution", - the governor declared.

Also at session it was decided to recommend to the management of institute to appeal to court for protection of interests of students and teachers. Besides, soon (until the end of the current year) deputies expressed desire to listen to the report of the management of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION on a state of affairs at institute.

After vote on this matter Tatyana Demchenko addressed to vice-to the mayor Tamile Bugayenko who also was present at session, with a request to leave to picketers and to announce them the decision of deputies. However when Tamil Ivanovn went outside, none of picketers any more weren't. Probably, students of this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION not so already the destiny of "Alma Mater" …

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