In Nikolayevshchina students became less, and with study - it is more than problems

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In Nikolayevshchina 2008/09 academic year began 16 independent higher educational institutions (4 universities, institute, 6 colleges, 2 technical schools and 3 schools). In them 43,9 thousand students that is 1,6 thousand less, than a year ago get higher education, reports statistics GU in the Nikolaev area.

As well as previous academic year, most of all students studies at National university of shipbuilding of a name of the admiral Makarov (30%), Nikolaevsk the state university of name VA. Sukhomlinsky (20%) and Nikolaevsk state agrarian university (19%).

From the total number of students of 40% at the expense of the state budget, 6% - at the expense of local budgets and 54% - on a paid basis at the expense of natural and legal entities study now.

Among payers - 0,2 thousand people receive second higher education on the general bases.

As a part of students of 23 thousand people - the woman, 277 people - the person with limited functionality, 356 - children - orphans and the children deprived of parental care who are in full state dependence, 191 - orphans aged till 18 years inclusive which are under guardianship and guardianship.

In 2008 for study in higher educational institutions of Nikolaev 8,9 thousand entrants that is 16% less than level last year are accepted.

Release of experts in higher educational institutions in comparison with 2007 decreased by 0,7 thousand people and made 9,1 thousand people. Among them 4,1 thousand people received obrazovatelno - qualification level of the expert, 3,5 thousand - the junior expert, 0,8 thousand - the bachelor and 0,7 thousand - the master.

From among graduates of full-time departments of higher education institutions of 54% received a job placement, 28% at the same time with the higher education received a working profession.

Nearly two thirds of students preferred as day form of education. From their number of 49% get a grant, a quarter lives in hostels.

Besides, in higher educational institutions 122 foreign citizens, among which most of all citizens of Vietnam and the Russian Federation - 26 and 21 people respectively study. In particular, in the current year on an initial cycle of study 50 foreigners are accepted and is let out after end of a full cycle of study of 13 experts for other countries.

Teaching of subjects is carried out mainly in Ukrainian. Students are trained by over 3 thousand people pedagogical and scientifically - the pedagogical personnel. From total of teachers 112 have a scientific doctor's degree and 693 - the candidate of science. The academic status of professor is appropriated to 125 teachers, the associate professor - 510.

To services of students of 25 libraries and 18 library points which work at higher educational institutions and have the general book fund of 2,3 million copies.


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