On "the small Homeland" head of a regional council Tatyana Demchenko celebrated Birthday of a local gymnasium

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On Friday, November 28, in пгт Elanets of the Nikolaev area passed the actions devoted to Birthday of the most prestigious institution of secondary education in the area - the Elanetsky humanitarian gymnasium, reports a press - service Nikolaev YEAH.

Heads of the area, representatives of leading enterprises of the area, pupils of different generations, veterans of education and parents gathered in the assembly hall of a gymnasium. On behalf of the governor to congratulate grammar-school boys there arrived the deputy head - the chief of staff of the regional state administration Dmitry Oboronko.

The director of a gymnasium Lyudmila Lagacheva told about history of educational institution. She noted that according to article 11 of the Law of Ukraine about secondary education on implementation of the Decree of the President "About actions of rather state support of gifted youth", the educational institution of new type was created on September 1, 2003.

So it happened that the gymnasium celebrates 5 years of the existence, however to educational institution on the basis of which created a gymnasium, 80 years from the date of the basis were executed.

Among sources of creation of the Elanetsky humanitarian gymnasium there were former heads of the area: Sergey Kulazhkin, in the past the head of the district state administration, Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk, the chairman of regional council, and Valentina Melnik, the first director of a gymnasium.

It was interesting to listen to memoirs of the first schoolgirl of school Ekaterina Pavlovna Tsvigun: "Pioneer group led by the bugler came into each yard and invited all in free time to help with school construction. And people went not simply to build the building, and to build the future for the children. Women feet kneaded clay with straw, men put a stone, put a roof. To build the building is only began affairs, but it isn't less important to recover it, to fill with heat, laughter of children, to collect labor group of adherents, and this unreasonable burden laid down on shoulders of the director".

Remembered names of the first directors of Elanetsky school: Maria Danilova (1938-39 рр) and Yakov Farfel (1939-40 рр).

Not less sincerely and openly Raisa Chuguta, the principal in 1977-2003 told about the educational destiny. She remembers:"The teacher is a profession from heart. The previous generation of directors left behind good traditions and clever children. Where there is a good director, - there are good results. The main assessment of our work - children. I remember how once the principal was both the teacher, and the watchman, and the cleaner because the main thing - care of children and love to them". Raisa Fiodorovna wished to present generation of teachers health, enthusiasm in work and bigger attention from the management to a profession of the tutor.

The present gymnasia family is proud of the achievements, the talented director and teachers. The director of an institution Lagacheva Lyudmila Anatoliyevna, the teacher of history and jurisprudence, the winner of the regional competition "Teacher of Year 2005", "Excellent Student of Formation of Ukraine", told:" The gymnasium purpose - education linguistically educated youth. Personnel structure of an institution - 22 teachers. Six-day working week is entered into gymnasiums. From the first class it is deepened English and informatics are learned. In a gymnasium the Alma Mater newspaper which shines gymnasia life is issued. By the way, this newspaper in 2005 won first place in the nomination "the best regional newspaper" in All-Ukrainian competition of school newspapers. Grammar-school boys are numerous winners of the All-Ukrainian student's Olympic Games, the International competition of Ukrainian of a name of P. Yatsyk and the All-Ukrainian competition "Cone".

In turn, the deputy head of area Dmitry Oboronko in the congratulatory speech noted: "First of all Elanshchina is boundless steppes, good hardworking people who devoted all the life to glorification and a glorification of the Homeland. The governor Alexey Garkusha personally holds educational programs on control. Nearly an every week similar actions take place in rural schools of area. In plans of the management of area and the area - gasification of villages of the area, reconstruction and capital repairs it is expensive, support of institutions of culture and education. Heartily I wish to inhabitants of the area development, dazzling successes in the industry, and to young grammar-school boys - good marks".


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