Death of nikolayevets on picket in Kiev - a newspaper hoax?

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Last week the Ukrainian mass media reported about organized by representatives фармбизнеса meeting. The event got to the list of the first news from - for tragic incident - during procession the inhabitant of Voznesensk Alexander Yakovlevich Andreyko died of the Cabinet to the Secretariat of the president directly on the street.

As reported Mukola.Net, in Kiev Andreyko protected a workplace of the granddaughter who works in a drugstore. However the dead had no granddaughter as it became clear, and meeting was organized thanks to quite good, as for an economic crisis, the traveler.

Wishing to write about the activist who for the sake of justice risked to go for protest action with sore heart, the author of article, to put it mildly, was disappointed when visited Andreyko's relatives. The sob-story with 82 - the summer aged man who died for the truth on indifferent Kiev asphalt, in fact appeared a newspaper hoax.

Anybody to death didn't defend the right of druggists. Moreover, very few people in general knew that their rights are violated. In Voznesensk this subject widely wasn't discussed. Even gossips weren't. And that our fellow countrymen went to hold a meeting to the capital, voznesenets learned from the program of telenews.

Capital journalists told us about the sincere truth lover with an indicative proletarian origin: the veteran, the wife and the daughter мытарятся abroad, and the defenseless granddaughter was attached in a drugstore. For it - that the grandfather also was lost.

In practice everything was much more prosy. Meeting, really, druggists organized. For an active living position to participants paid on 200 UAH, and druggists among them could be counted on fingers. However, all this was reported informally, without names and surnames.

To receive confirmation heard I tried in a drugstore "Avicenna". The lovely girl of Lille who was presented to the manager of establishment, told that the delegation from Voznesensk was sent by the hostess of a drugstore, she is a head of pharmaceutical Association of pharmaceutical business of the Nikolaev and Kherson areas, Elena Evgenyevna Prudnikova.About the travelers paid to activists, and also she knows nothing about selection of participants of the action - not its competence. Even the interlocutor to call the surname I was afraid. But I advised to address to Prudnikova. The last is unfortunately very occupied and telephone conversation constantly postpones.

Information on the late Andreyko too wasn't confirmed. To druggists it had the same relation, as well as the author of article to the ballet. The only granddaughter with whom it maintained the relations, lives in Nikolaev, the daughter too. I managed to communicate to them on a funeral. The first - Ksenia Nikolaevna Sushchenko - the housewife, looks after the juvenile child. And the daughter - Elena Aleksandrovna Veretilina - teaches in one of the Nikolaev higher education institutions. From where the ward the druggist and what of wives of the dead lives in Russia, not clearly undertook.

According to Vera Vasilyevna Sikorskaya, the cousin Andreyko, the dead was three times connected by conjugal ties, but the last years lived. If there is who in Russia, so it is the son from second marriage. But neither it, nor his mother with Andreyko for long years didn't communicate.

Generally, news how in fight against the government on sidewalks before Cabinet of Ministers Ukrainians perish, not absolutely is true. Or rather, people perish, but no fight from the public is present. Takes place typical for our capital of a situation rather. When in the field of the Kiev quarters the habitual party in which one play with the people, and the second - allegedly from his name is played. Thus grand masters successfully give for fight of a pawn. And them at a present lack of money very much.


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