What will be with IFC "Nikolaev"?

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On December 10 expires a term of documents for certification of professional clubs of Ukraine

World financial crisis eclipsed one of problems of our city which so still and isn't solved a little: whether to be in Nikolaev to football club? There came inter-season period, and IFC "Nikolaev" went on vacation. At the last house games in the interview of mass media the mayor promised that at last - that will be resolved an issue with the sponsor of a soccer team who allegedly becomes one of known firms of the city. At the last game in interview to one of local TV channels Vladimir Chaika also promised that next week he will hold meeting on a club question.

Passed time, but any issue isn't resolved yet: that farewell to one of deputies on deserved rest, a trip to Kiev behind the next award, discussion of the anti-recessionary program, still any urgent matters … Football fans, certainly, sincerely congratulate the mayor on high achievements in a development of the city, unity of a city community, but the problem of professional football club in Nikolaev isn't solved. Perhaps there is no opportunity to resolve this issue? Then it is necessary honestly, publicly, to tell about it.

And meanwhile in December the Federation of soccer of Ukraine began procedure of certification of football clubs on the right of participation in All-Ukrainian soccer competitions among professional teams of a season of 2009/2010. And only the certified clubs acquire the right to play in professional league of this season.

Time goes quickly, and the critical point for a solution already came: On December 10 deadline for submission of necessary documents.Who will be the sponsor of club who will give it a financial guarantee, whether the demanded structure who, at last, will head football club will be created?
The mayor said more than once, what he wants to be the honourable president of IFC "Nikolaev" but who will work then how speak, "on odd"?

IFC "Nikolaev" now on holiday and in full ignorance that to wait to trainers and football players on the near-term outlook.

And it is clear to the layman that club, without having passed certification, won't be able to play in the second league any more and Nikolaev can say goodbye to big soccer for a long time. There is a wish to believe that at least in these "critical days" when employees of local government celebrate the professional holiday, the mayor doesn't leave a problem to decide "by itself".


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