Toilets in Nikolaev catastrophically don't suffice

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With increase in the city of quantity of seasonal summer platforms before vacationers there was the vital problem - lack of toilets.

About it publicly representatives of the public again started talking. At meeting of the Advisory board one of present citizens declared to representatives of local governments and a depuy corps:

- Where it is good that on all Nizhnyaya Embankment there was no toilet? ! It is so much citizens and guests go there to have a rest, and at the same time face such problem, as lack of a toilet! The youth runs on need under the bridge, especially in the evening so there horror one to be created. And in yachts - club, for example, beer sell, and "to cast", forgive - where? What is it?

In reply to the indignant inhabitant reported that shortly on Nizhnyaya Embankment there have to be two bio - a toilet. Alas, authorities didn't tell the word about an outcome of this pressing problem of vacationers around yachts - club. It is simple as the deputy Victor Evdokimov told, "this question wasn't on the agenda". So vacationers should or refuse to themselves the beer use - juice - waters, or from - for lack of toilets in a public place to look for the old ways "privacy" with the nature. Whether for a long time it will suffice?.


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