Yu. Tymoshenko demands V. Stelmakh's dismissal from a position of head of NBU

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BYuT fraction won't allow consideration of any questions in parliament until the question of dismissal of the chairman of National Bank Vladimir Stelmakh and board members will be considered. The prime minister reported about it - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko at a briefing, the correspondent of RBC - Ukraine reports.

Yu. Tymoshenko demanded from the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to bring representation on dismissal of the chairman of National Bank V. Stelmakh in parliament.

She emphasized that all responsibility for a situation with an exchange rate in Ukraine is born by the President who appoints and dismisses the chairman of National Bank.

Yu. Tymoshenko also accused V. Yushchenko of covering of speculative operations NBU in the currency market. "Understanding that they finally lose the power, these people act by the principle "the worse, the better" finally to get milliard profits on crisis, on problems of the Ukrainian people", - told Yu. Tymoshenko. She also reported that has the corresponding materials collected with assistance of Goskomfinmonitoring, the Ministry of Finance and GLAVKRU. According to the prime minister, the specified materials will be transferred to the order of special temporary commission of inquiry of BP, "which has to open this shame".

Besides, Yu. Tymoshenko appealed to the management of GPU and Audit Chamber to check activity "Nadra of bank" and some other large commercial banks which, according to her, are involved in currency speculation with assistance of NBU. "I address to the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko with the requirement to stop speculation which destroy a course", - the prime minister declared.

According to the prime minister, in case of rejection of NBU of the appropriate measures on return of an exchange rate to borders of a former corridor, it intends to transfer the above materials to the international organizations which are engaged in investigation of financial frauds. "From this minute all compromises ended. We will act with absolutely lawful and transparent way", - declared to Yu. Tymoshenko.

Earlier today the vice-chairman of the Secretariat of the president Andrey Kislinsky declared that Century.Yushchenko can send the chairman of NBU V. Stelmakh to resignation. "For the President there are no sacred cows. If its decision if its instructions aren't carried out if he sees that professional level of heads of financial institutions doesn't answer that to a situation at which it is necessary to overcome crisis, it will make the relevant decisions", - he told.

As it was reported, today the Party of Regions registered in BP the draft of the resolution No. 3502 "About release from a position of the chairman of National bank of Ukraine Vladimir Stelmakh and investigation of activity of officials of National bank of Ukraine concerning use of gold and foreign exchange reserves and a divergence concerning stabilization of a rate of national currency".

On December 10 of this year Yu. Tymoshenko declared that the new coalition will demand the parliamentary report of the management of NBU on a situation in the bank sphere. Thus the prime minister noted that will demand the termination of corruption and speculation in the hryvnia and dollar market.

Need of resignation of V. Stelmakh was declared also by the Ukrainian people's party which is a part WELL - NANOSECOND. And the People's Deputy from Party of Regions Mykola Azarov registered on December 4 the draft of the resolution No. 3442 who is offered to create parliamentary temporary commission of inquiry on questions of check of activity of NBU during financial crisis in the Verkhovna Rada.

We will remind, In Stelmakh heads NBU since December 16, 2004


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