Two commissions of the City Council will prepare the answer for National council and the Ministry of Education concerning shutdown of the Russian channels

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The known decision of National council on television and broadcasting on the termination of translation of the Russian channels again excited the Nikolaev deputies at today's session of city council.

We will remind that on one of the previous sessions deputies addressed to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and National council with the requirement to resume translation of the Russian channels.

Officials from the National Council and the Ministry of Education and Science sent the answer to the Nikolaev City Council. In session materials the text of the answer was absent. However the head of fraction of Party of Regions Pyotr Zibrov declared that the answer - low-quality that such answer the National Council expressed the devil-may-care attitude to a community of Nikolaev.

The secretary of the City Council Vladimir Korenyugin noted that as the answer came from the National Council literally the other day, the constant deputy commissions didn't manage to hold the meetings to prepare any offers on the matter. But, as Vladimir Korenyugin reported, was decided "to prepare on their answers our answers".

He suggested to charge the commissions on questions of local government, deputy activity, publicity and legality within the next week to prepare, on the basis of available documents, the answer of session of city council, to coordinate it with heads of fractions then to send to Kiev.

The deputy - "vitrenkovets" Galina Yaroshenko, the member of the constant deputy commission on education and culture questions, for a family, youth and sports, told that with the answer which came from the Ministry of Education and Science, members of its commission weren't acquainted. She reported that on Tuesday meeting of this commission will take place, and asked to provide the answer from the Kiev instances that the commission could discuss and make it the decisions.

In her opinion, this commission for the first time initiated the appeal to the supreme bodies of the state concerning National Council actions. And it it is unclear why its commission stands as though aside (if to consider that education is, first of all, language).

In a hall it became noisy - dispute was started.G - N Korenyugin offered that two of these commissions developed the drafts of addresses to the National Council and the Ministry of Education. Pyotr Zibrov offered that two commissions developed the draft of the address in common. The deputy from fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition" Svetlana Shtopenko considered that, in addition to two above called commissions, in drawing up the draft of the answer has to take part also the commission on questions of the industry, transport and communication which is headed by the leader of Nikolaev "vitrenkovets" Dmitry Nikonov. In turn, the deputy from the same fraction Evgenia Bondarenko insisted that the separate commission into which any deputy, wishing to deal with this problem could enter has to be created.

As a result, it was decided that the answer to the Ministry of Education and the National Council will be written by two commissions - concerning education (the chairman - Georgy Romanovsky, Party of Regions) and concerning local government (Victor Evdokimov, the Nikolaev — for Chaika block) …

And Vladimir Korenyugin told Evgenia Bondarenko:

- If you language questions why you went to the "budgetary" commission so interest?

- Because in the country - crisis! - she answered.

- What crisis? ! No crisis is present! - Svetlana Shtopenko responded. - Crisis in the heads! Crisis - in the government!

- Crisis isn't present. It is BYuT crisis, - the representative of "vitrenkovsky" fraction Andrey Agnyannikov noted from a place.


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