In Nikolaev burned a dollar effigy directly under a door of regional management of NBU

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Yesterday, on December 25, under walls of territorial administration of National bank of Ukraine of the Nikolaev area there took place the unprecedented protest action which epilog there was a demonstrative burning of an effigy of dollar. For the same that, God forbid, didn't burn down something superfluous, to NBU adjusted the "whole" fire truck.

The situation with the currency credits became the reason for similar actions from picketers who were participants of the action "Borrowers against credit slavery". Picketers came with bright posters - "I am a borrower, instead of a sacrificial ram", "The borrower not the slave, and the supporter of banks", "NBU, don't take away the future from our children", "Stelmakh - the traitor of the homeland! ", "NBU, stop genocide of the borrower", etc. They demanded from the President, Cabinet of Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada and NBU of performance of the constitutional obligation of National Bank - to stabilize national currency; to take immediate effective anti-recessionary measures; to define responsibility of banks and the state in conditions financially - an economic crisis; to enter the annual moratorium on payments according to credit obligations; to equate the currency credits to grivenny at the rate of NBU at the time of delivery and "to stop genocide of borrowers".

Many picketers openly accused the government and NBU of inaction in the conditions of an economic crisis. Besides, some of them urged not to pay to banks the dollar credits, so to speak, to the detriment of themselves, at the overestimated US dollar exchange rate. One of organizers of an action, Andrey Murlyan, declared that he paid on December 19 the contribution on the credit at the rate of 5,05 - at this course in due time and the credit was taken. According to picketers if everyone, injured from current situation arrives as, it will force the government and banks to take measures as many of commercial banks will start "bursting" as soap bubbles.

The indignant picketers aren't going to stop - was declared carrying out the following meeting on January 15.


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