RTPP in the Nikolaev area rejects all charges of the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika

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In the last days of a year the mayor V.D. Chaika acted with a number of public charges to Regional торгово - industrial chamber of the Nikolaev area and his president S. V. Vlasenko. Because these charges received some resonance in mass media, a press - service RTPP of the Nikolaev area distributed the following statement:

1. Regional торгово - the industrial chamber consistently adheres to that principle that only association of all healthy forces of society, the power and business of Nikolaev can open prospect to leave crisis without severe losses before our city. However association doesn't mean conciliation with everything that осеняется a name of the city power, the right someone on unfounded, pointless accusations.

2. Is surprising, both time, and the form chosen by the mayor for the statement of similar charges. We pay attention to that fact that over the last 5 years activity торгово - industrial chamber never caused complaints in any public authorities, the regional state administration and the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, including in the mayor.

3. Neither the president of RTPP of the Nikolaev area S. V. Vlasenko, nor other representatives of chamber, neither during round tables in RTPP, nor on other public actions, never called in question expediency of functioning of the Uniform allowing center. It is possible even to assume that 200 000 UAH spent from the budget for European-quality repair of this office, will serve increase of overall performance of this institution.

Other situation with so-called department of administrators.

This structure was entered into structure of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies under promises to accelerate and simplify for businessmen procedure of receiving coordination and permissions in executive bodies of city council. According to our data while activity of administrators causes numerous complaints of businessmen.

Therefore, during discussion of results of work and future development of service of administrators (in particular, during session of city council) S.V.Vlasenko suggested to keep possibility of a choice for businessmen: to use services of administrators or to pass coordination independently. There is no wish to think that the aggravated reaction to these offers is caused by someone's intention to create the next bureaucratic monopolist - the intermediary.

4. RTPP agrees that various points of view on policy of the city power in relation to business in the conditions of crisis are possible, and is ready to public discussion on this subject. But discussion has to be open, with granting by interested parties of reasonable arguments, for example, during the procedure of public discussion of regulatory acts provided by the law.
We will remind what exactly lack of similar discussion caused sharp reaction of associations of businessmen in a case with attempt of increase of rates of a uniform tax.

5. RTPP of the Nikolaev area doesn't conduct activities for samozastroy legitimation, isn't engaged in paperwork for samozastroy, doesn't render consultations in this sphere. Similar legal services in Nikolaev on an official basis are rendered by a number of commercial structures. If the mayor addresses with a similar request, RTPP is ready to carry out the analysis of the one who, as well as on what conditions legalizes samozastroy in Nikolaev, and the most important, whether interests of the city budget are observed thus.

6. Absolutely not clearly, the mayor speaks about what vessels.
At торгово - industrial chamber the constant arbitration court really works.
As judges in it dear and competent experts act, all decisions of the arbitration court are made to execution. But the arbitration court of RTPP never considered and can't consider the cases connected with legitimation of samozastroy.

7. And the last.
All activity торгово - industrial chamber, unlike authorities, takes place in a competitive field, and the usefulness to the city, investors of the region and the Nikolaev enterprises, we prove high quality of the daily work. We are always open for dialogue and cooperation with all who is interested in development of Nikolaev and the Nikolaev area.


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