From collision with the regular bus the share taxi turned over sideways

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Today, on June 15, in the morning on crossing of streets Big Sea and Artillery there was a road accident to participation of three cars - a share taxi, the regular bus and the car "VAZ".

Minibus "Gazelle" who wasn't at this time on a route, at the driver I was output, I crossed Bolshuyu Morskuyu St., moving on Artillery towards Potemkinskaya. The driver of "Gazelle" didn't notice moving on the Big Sea regular passenger bus which before collision dumped the speed as passed the woman crossing the road at the crosswalk. It should be noted that B. Morskaya Street is main.

The driver of "Gazelle" tried to slip Bolshuyu Morskuyu St. and, having struck gas, jumped out on the intersection. The driver of the regular bus having seen "Gazelle" started braking and trying to go to the right, but collision didn't manage to be avoided. The blow had in the right side of "Gazelle". From blow the minibus rejected on some meters and it turned over on the left side.

At this time on Artillery, near a scene there was a car "VAZ" which passed the bus and wanted to come out to the main road.

The turned-over gazelle touched forward left part of "VAZ".

According to the driver of the car "VAZ", after blow it rushed to a minibus as thought that there can be many people. To it passersby at once rushed and with shouts started it dragging from "Gazelle". They thought what exactly it was driving "Gazelle", and it is guilty of an event. It had to spend some minutes to explain that it not so. And only after all calmed down, they started pulling out people from the turned-over car.

In a gazelle except the driver there were 2 more full age girls and 2 women of a retirement age, at one of which bandage rewound a hand.

Two women and the driver at once brought to BSMP. The driver has a suspicion on brain concussion, and passengers got off with grazes and cuts.

"According to preliminary data responsible for road accident is the driver of "Gazelle" who, according to him, from - for green trees didn't notice the green bus. The driver and passengers of "Gazelle" are in BSMP.Extent of damages is established", - р


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