Kiev "Arsenal" became "галактикос" that to the son Leni - Space was with what to be played

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Leonid Chernovetsky, after the first election as the mayor of Kiev stopped to finance municipal at that time football club "Arsenal", now I took "gunners" as their former owner Vadim Rabinovich told already, on the personal contents.

"Leonid Mikhaylovich himself offered me it because, I suspect, he has inside a big love to sports, but thus and huge decency", - Rabinovich, now intending to move in presidents of Premieres - leagues told.

"Chernovetsky promised voters that financial loading from grandmothers and grandfathers which went on "Arsenal" and other clubs, will remove. It made it. And will finance now club from own pocket. We agreed about the transaction about New year. When I returned from holiday, simply gave command to lawyers. They in 30 seconds issued everything. What cut with Chernovetsky about it? You know, Leonid Mikhaylovich doesn't propagandize alcoholic drinks. I try to adhere to its technique". (Probably, journalists should have formulated a question a little differently - "That smoked? " - Regional committee).

According to Rabinovich owning "Arsenal" since summer of 2007, Leonid Chernovetsky - the occupied person and, most likely, the president of club becomes his son - Stepan. As told a source in an environment Chernovetskikh, Stepan will be a president with a prefix "honourable".

According to informal information, along with the Chernovetsky co-owner of "Arsenal" (after 17 rounds - 12-е a place in the Championship of Ukraine) became Privat group of Igor Kolomoysky. But Rabinovich denies it: "Together with Chernovetsky there is still an investment group, but its name - a trade secret. ""Privat"? Your business. At me it doesn't appear".

"I rescued "Arsenal" when took it in 2007 - m. I rescued it for the second time, having given Chernovetskoma, - Rabinovich considers. - It for "Arsenal" can make more, than I. In the near future we will see magnificent stadium, base. Already in the next season it will be very serious team".

Vadim Zinovyevich answered a question why Chernovetsky didn't give to Rabinovich the earth under stadium when that was the owner of club: "It not absolutely so.In Kiyevrada the demand for the earth which Leonid Mikhaylovich signed three months ago lies. Simply Kiyevrada couldn't carry out in any way it through the decision. My forces didn't suffice. It will be easier for Leonid Mikhaylovich".

Money for which Chernovetsky received in property "Arsenal", Rabinovich called formal. Pier, it didn't sell, and transferred club. Though Vadim Zinovyevich designated the present cost of "Arsenal" in quite concrete figures. "On a site there is an estimation of cost of team players, - Rabinovich speaks. - They estimate "arsenal", on - to mine, in 10 million euros (actually in 12,6 million - an edition). Plus a place in the Prime minister - league, a brand, are about 10 million more dollars... "


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