The People's Deputy Matveev "ordered" to financial management to prepare the law on construction of refrigerator vessels and the bridge through the Southern Bug

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At today's session of the Nikolaev regional council when business reached adoption of the budget of area the current year, several initiative was taken by the People's Deputy of Ukraine Vladimir Matveev (KPU).

- That crisis situation which developed today in Ukraine is a result of an unreasonable state policy which was pursued all these years. Finally, all this was splashed out today in a crisis situation, and anywhere we from it won't get to, - the member of parliament told. - In this regard, I would like that we didn't lower a hand and continued to fight for the rights and for realization of our opportunities.

He asked to make in the form of a legal assignment to regional financial management to prepare drafts of laws on modification of the Law "About the State Budget of Ukraine". In the Verkhovna Rada this legislative initiative will be taken by three People's Deputies of Ukraine - Roman Zabzalyuk (BYUT), Nikolay Kruglov (Party of Regions), Vladimir Matveev (KPU).

In this bill, on his belief, it is necessary to provide those problems which decision wasn't considered by the government.

- I will tell directly and frankly: the fraction of communists separately suggested to bring problems of the Nikolaev area in the bill of the budget-2009. Them without any basis, without any explanation simply cancelled.

In this regard, he asked to write down as the offer to People's Deputies of Ukraine to convince the fractions to support this bill and to force these fractions to vote for modification of the law on the budget of 2009.

- The president says that the law is adopted скороспело and it needs to be changed. Yes! And here, let's change. We will change only in favor of local councils, economy, people instead of to solve problems of a banking system. If we don't force today fraction in the Verkhovna Rada to consider interests "from places", will be nothing. And interests which defend oligarchical groups there, in the Verkhovna Rada will be on - former to prevail. The only exit - to force to work for us People's Deputies...

Matveev also told that today the economy depends on realization:there is production - there is no place to realize. But there is one branch in Nikolaev which doesn't depend on realization is a shipbuilding which carries out orders under earlier signed contracts, with advance payment.

- But we threw this branch. Therefore I ask that in offers I was all - point on financing of the program of completion of refrigerator vessels with high degree of readiness which was, was realized, but is thrown today and isn't financed. I would like that in this program prospects of development of the Nikolaev area were surely considered, including - developments of the bridge crossing through the river the Southern Bug to the north above on the current of Nikolaev.

He asked to develop the bill within two weeks - to accept it at March session of the Verkhovna Rada...


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