Owners of outlets rebelled against rent increase in the Nikolaev markets

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For today in the Small Hall of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies meeting of the branch working group on questions of protection of a territorial bulk from negative consequences of an economic crisis was planned, but not here that was …

Around 14.00 near the building of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the indignant representatives of workers of trade almost from all Nikolaev markets gathered. Under walls of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies about three hundred people who demanded from the city power "to bring an order" in the city markets came and expressed a protest against increase of a rent and market collecting.

We will remind that the agiotage round increase of local taxes and fees, in particular, for representatives of small and medium business, is provoked by the bill "About Local Taxes and Fees". This bill is submitted the Cabinet and accepted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the first reading.

To protesters there was a deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha. He tried to calm the indignant crowd at an entrance to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Seeing that it won't manage to bring an order in such a way, Alexander Zhorzhevich invited representatives from businessmen to rise to the Small Hall and there to discuss all problem questions.

In the Small Hall owners of outlets explained that now in all city markets in Nikolaev the rent considerably rose and the amount of market collecting increased. So, in the markets "Kolos", "Sigma-sport", in the Central market the rent increased by 11%. In the Kolos market a rent plan to raise to 33%. And in the Korabelny market the payment for rent rose already by 30%, one of businessmen reported.

Owners of outlets with indignation declared that they aren't able to pay such sums as it is economically unprofitable. They noted that in connection with crisis their income sharply fell, after all now consumer ability of citizens considerably decreased.

One of businessmen, the owner of several outlets in the Kolos market, declared that if this bill and a rent will move ahead will increase by 10 times further, businessmen will arrange a strike and will stop trade across all Ukraine."If this law adopt - we have nothing to lose more", - the businessman declared.

Witz - the mayor promised to deal with this question and to settle a situation. He told businessmen that the city authorities perfectly understand that in a present crisis situation it is impossible to increase market collecting and taxes, including a rent. "For this reason the mayor Vladimir Chaika gave me an assignment to be engaged in development of specific actions on protection of the population of Nikolaev against an economic crisis including in the sphere of trade and activity of the markets", - Alexander Zhenzherukha noted.

At meeting it was solved on Thursday, January 22, to hold one more meeting on which will their owners are invited also administration of the markets, in particular.


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