Who is right – heads of the markets or businessmen?

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Today, on January 22, in the Small Hall of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the meeting planned earlier with administrations and heads of the Nikolaev markets took place. We will remind that the decision on carrying out this meeting was it is accepted on January 19 when the indignant businessmen were under walls of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and demanded from the city power "to bring an order" in the city markets, and also expressed a protest against increase of a rent and market collecting.

At meeting heads of the markets stated the point of view concerning the complaint made by businessmen. The message that in the markets already the rent now rose, was confirmed only by the head of the Sigma — Sports market Valery Ilyenko. Valery Ivanovich declared that since January, 2009 the rent in the market rose by 30 kopeks from square meter, but about increase of this payment was reported in advance (in 1 month). Such increase, the head of the market explained, is connected with a rise in prices for various services (market protection, electricity, garbage removal etc.).

As for the Kolos market, his head Sergey Lutsenko declared that the rent with 1-го didn't rise and remained January former though the cost of services which are exposed to the market was considerably raised.

Most likely, businessmen were frightened more by the fact of possible rise in prices connected with consideration of the new bill "About Local Taxes and Fees". And heads of the markets declare that if will adopt this bill, they will be simply compelled to lift and a rent.

Though there were also such requirements which united businessmen and heads of the markets. In particular it concerns the requirement to liquidate so-called spontaneous rynochka round already existing markets. After all, as businessmen declared, the prices in the spontaneous markets are much lower that selects part of earnings at market experts.

Having listened to both parties, the deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha made the decision that it is necessary to hold monthly meetings with the management of the markets and to resolve in common all problem issues. Also it was decided to hold in each market special explanatory seminars to which all necessary services including tax specialists will be without fail invited.

The end was put in this case by the deputy of the City Council from BYuT fraction Alexander Kurchenko who declared that "we in 2 - m reading this bill which caused so rough reaction, will withdraw". About it, according to Alexander Kurchenko, he was told by the People's Deputy Roman Zabzalyuk. Well we will look that will be farther. Probably, it was only the comma in this case …

Witz - the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha promised to continue to trace a situation with promotion of this bill.

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