The inhabitant of Nikolaev Alexander Andreyko – the most young administrator of the Russian Wikipedia

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The inhabitant of the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev Alexander Andreyko - the most young administrator of the Russian Wikipedia. He is only 13 years old. He not only perfectly knows the internal device online - encyclopedias, but also takes active part in its creation. Alexander told about how Wikipedia changed his life, who such "bureaucrats" why the Russian section of the virtual encyclopedia is more democratic than English and why in Wikipedia of articles in Russian less, than on Polish.

- You began the activity in Wikipedia in 2006 at the age of 11 years. Why decided to participate in the project as the author?

- At the beginning of October, 2006 to me only carried out the cable Internet. Just at this time I prepared for participation in television The Cleverest program. For preparation of a special topic about the prince Potemkin I decided to use electronic resources. As the ordinary beginner, opened in a laying of Google, entered a name of the prince, and the first line on the page of results there was, certainly, Wikipedia. Any more I don't remember how I understood that pages of the project can be edited by everything, but well I remember how at first convulsively I thought out subjects for articles. In a month two it was registered, gradually I accumulated experience though, of course, I made many mistakes, as well as Wicky's majority - beginners.

- Tell about the first article which you wrote or I edited.

- The first article which I wrote to Wikipedias, was about the World federation of the twin town. As far as I remember, then I was interested in twin-cities of the hometown and tried to find official cooperation agreements in the Internet. For these two years in article two more sections of the average size were added by other participants.

- What is the time in day you spend for work in Wikipedia and in what your duties consist?

- From - for studies and works of time for Wikipedia remains very little.But at least an hour I always try to allocate for viewing of changes in articles which are interesting to me: there is such office page - "my list of supervision", based on the list of articles, the made participant. Actually, in the list articles all created and seriously edited by me. Here articles on everything come across that is connected with the Nikolaev area of Ukraine, article about various historical personnel, actors, writers, articles about movies, articles about policy. Generally, subject the most different. If there is time, can spend for work with articles and administration more than 10 hours per day.

Simple participants have no certain duties, but I as the administrator regularly take part in vandalism prevention, I carry out some technical inquiries, etc.

- Tell how Wikipedia "government" is arranged.

- Feature of "power structures" of Wikipedia, in my opinion, is their detsentralizovannost. Therefore it is very difficult to make hierarchy, after all there is no "seniority", simply to eat distinction of duties.

Arbitrators (five people making Arbitration committee) are engaged in a resolution of conflicts. However they don't "think out" the rule, and only are engaged in their interpretation and on their basis pass decisions concerning participants or articles. Arbitrators get out community of participants of the project.

The bureaucrat - a flag (here: sign of the function executed by the participant of the project - the Edition), in fact, low-functional, but, nevertheless, his owners enjoy very big authority. Also get out community.

Chekjyuzera - the participants having access to IP-to addresses of other participants. They are engaged in investigation of violations of the rules about virtuality. For example, the blocked participants often try to appear in the project again, and sometimes one participant creates to himself the virtual for illusion creation about support of his opinion. Chekjyuzera are appointed arbitrators.

Administrators are elected community and are engaged in removal of articles, blocking of users and to that similar.

The patrolling - the administrators as though limited in the rights - are engaged in check of fresh changes. Also are elected community. The founder Vikipedii Dzhimbo (Jimmy Donal Wales - the Edition) practically has no direct impact on the Russian Wikipedia. In English Wikipedia to it, on - to mine, gave the unique technical status of founder.Besides, it also appoints arbitrators (at us the community is engaged in it), his words can be used instead of rules. Therefore ruwiki is more democratic than enwiki.

Power bodies of Wikipedia communicate not only within the project, but also offline. Personally I, owing to the geographical position, was only on one Vicki - a meeting, but Muscovites, inhabitants of Kiev, Petersburgers meet regularly.

- By the way, and who is included into community which chooses power structures of Wikipedia?

- For each elections the criteria, however, generally - more and more - less active participants have the right to vote. For example, to have opportunity today to vote for or against one candidate in administrators who moved forward this Monday, it is necessary to have not less than 100 editings in articles; experience not less than three months (i.e. to be registered not later than October 21, 2008); to make not less than one editing during the period from November 20 to December 20, 2008 and during the period from January 4 to January 19, 2009.

- What is the time it was required to you to get to Wikipedia governing bodies?

- Roughly speaking, the person, and an account gets out not, that is the experience of the person, and an experience of the participant from this account is considered not. I was registered on January 1, 2007. On January 14, 2008 I became patrolling. On June 15, 2008 I became the administrator.

- Why you work over Wikipedia, what it gives you?

- Earlier I didn't reflect on it, simply pleasantly spent leisure-time, probably, in any degree self-expressing. Now I understand that Wikipedia and the atmosphere surrounding it in any degree even created my outlook.

Earlier I was the nationalist and even the xenophobe, now I am tolerant to all nations and in any degree I carry myself to cosmopolitans. Earlier I was a homophobe - now I am neutral in this regard, remaining hetero. Earlier I was close to a geymerstvo - now at me on the personal computer "Kerchief" is removed even. Eventually, thanks to the work connected with Wikipedia, I considerably lifted the level of English, thanks to communication with some linguists expanded ideas of Russian. Honestly, if not Wikipedia, I am another.

Thanks to Wikipedia I even got the first paid job - one Russian company looked after to itself the removed employees from administrators of Wikipedia (TAdviser - the Edition). Also I received the fees for some actions connected with private projects of some developers of Wikipedia.

- You already told that the Russian Wikipedia is more democratic than the English. And in what a difference between Wikipedia sections in different languages? There are any basic features?

- More democratically in respect of Dzhimbo's influence. I won't assume the general assessment.

As for basic features of other Wikipedias, some lag behind in development (in such even administrators can is reasoned to violate the rights of authors), some advance. Some are absurd in essence. Wicky on Simple English such is, in my opinion.

Some distinctions even in names of articles can be interesting to linguists and historians. For example, in the Russian Wikipedia there is an article "Defense of Sevastopol", and in English similar "the Siege of Sevastopol" is called. In the Russian Wikipedia there is "Great Patriotic War", and in German - "War against the USSR".

- Now the Russian Wikipedia is on the tenth place by number of articles. We are advanced, for example, by Poles, though number of the users speaking on Polish, significantly less than the Russian-speaking. Why in Russian it is a little articles?

- It is difficult to judge. But, I remember, the opinion that the most part of Russian-speaking Internet surfers - office plankton which is interested only in work of ICQ and "Schoolmates" was expressed.

Recently it happened to talk to one Pole from Gdansk. According to him, local authorities are ready to support even Vikimaniya (the world Vicki - conference). That is external support too is very important.


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