The metropolitan Kirill

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The locum of a patriarchal throne the metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill is elected on the Local cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church 16 - m the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.

The metropolitan Kirill collected 508 votes of members of the Local cathedral, and the metropolitan Kaluzhsky and Bohr Kliment managing affairs of the Moscow patriarchy - 169.

The fifteenth head of Russian Orthodox Church Alexy the Second died on December 5, 2008 at the age of 79 years.
According to the Charter of Russian Orthodox Church, the Most Saint patriarch of Moscow and all Russia has care about internal and external welfare of Russian Orthodox Church and operates it in common with the Sacred Synod, being its chairman.

The patriarch, in particular, bears responsibility for performance of resolutions of Cathedrals and the Sacred Synod; supports unity of hierarchy of Church; carries out bossy supervision over all Synod establishments; addresses with vicarial messages to all Completeness of Russian Orthodox Church; signs all-church documents after approval by the Sacred Synod; carries out accurately - administrative powers on management of the Moscow Patriarchy; presents to Russian Orthodox Church in the relations with the supreme bodies of the government and management; has a debt of the petition and "pechalovaniye" to authorities both in the initial territory, and beyond its limits; issues decrees about election and appointment of diocesan bishops, heads of Synod establishments, the vikarnykh of bishops, rectors of Spiritual schools and other officials appointed by the Sacred Synod; accepts complaints to bishops and sets them appropriate in motion.

The patriarch of Moscow and all Russia is svyashchennoarkhimandrity Sacredly - Troitsk Sergiyevy Monastery, some other the monasteries having special historical value, and operates all church stavropigiya, transfers RIA Novosti news agency.

The dignity of the patriarch is lifelong.

The metropolitan Kirill was born on November 20, 1946 in Leningrad in a family of the priest. Kirill finished the Leningrad theological seminary and the Leningrad Spiritual Academy (LSA). In June, 1970 to it degree of the candidate of divinity was awarded.After protection of the thesis it was left at academy the professorial scholar, the teacher of dogmatic divinity and the assistant to the inspector of LDA, and also it is appointed the personal secretary of the metropolitan Nicodemus.

In 1971 Kirill is built in a dignity of the archimandrite and appointed the representative of the Moscow Patriarchy to the World council of churches in Geneva.

In 1972 Kirill accompanied the patriarch Pimen on his trip over the countries of the Middle East, and also to Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece and Romania.

In December, 1974 it is appointed the rector of the Leningrad spiritual academy and seminary, and in June, 1975 - the chairman of diocesan council of the Leningrad metropolitanate.

On March 14, 1976 in Sacredly - Aleksandro's Trinity Cathedral - the Nevsky monastery it is imposed in the bishop Vyborgsky, the vicar of the Leningrad diocese. On September 2, 1977 it is built in a dignity of the archbishop and on September 5 it is awarded by a memorable panagia.

On December 26, 1984 it is appointed the archbishop Smolensk and Vyazma. The title was changed in April, 1989 on "Smolensk and Kaliningrad".

Definition of the Sacred Synod of November 14, 1989 Kirill is appointed the chairman of Department of the external church relations and the permanent member of the Synod on a position.

In a dignity of the metropolitan Kirill is built on February 25, 1991.

On December 6, 2008 at a special session of the Sacred Synod of Russian Orthodox Church in connection with death of the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy the Second the metropolitan Kirill ballot is elected the locum of a patriarchal throne.

The metropolitan Kirill is awarded by a number of church awards, the state awards of Friendship of the people, Friendship, "For merits before the Fatherland" the third degree.


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